PHOTOS, VIDEO: Watch the New ‘Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue’ with Cultural Sensitivity Alterations, Full List of Changes to Show

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After being suspended due to COVID-19, “Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue” is back at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort after over two years. The experience has seen quite a few changes, some probably long-overdue. We already reported that they were no longer using their signature buckets to serve food. Here’s everything else that has been altered about the show:

  • As promised, the lighting was greatly updated and it is very noticeable. There are a few times where it may take you a bit out of the time it is supposed to exist, but it is probably long overdue to keep the show relevant.
  • The “Pioneer Hall Players” backdrop on stage was completely replaced. The former had several depictions of Native Americans, while the new one has instruments and a stagecoach.
  • While not seemingly for cultural sensitivity, every other backdrop in the show was changed as well. The backdrop with wagons heading towards a river was replaced with a new backdrop that is not wildly different as it features wagons along a river again, but from a closer perspective.
  • The line where Six Bits offers to help a woman in the audience loosen “whatever is a-binding” her has been seemingly replaced, although it could have just been an improvisational choice.
  • The Strawberry Shortcake number is perhaps the most heavily altered:
    • The actors no longer come out with handkerchiefs on
    • The portion with the nurses rhyme “Short’nin Bread” has been removed as the song’s original lyrics are racist in nature
    • The servers no longer come on stage to dance with the desserts in hand, but are instead mentioned at the end of the song where guests are encouraged to applaud them
    • With the handkerchiefs gone, there is no appearance of the American flag in the shortened number
  • The Ballad of Davy Crockett was also heavily modified:
    • A repeating stereotypical impression of Native Americans chanting was removed from the act
    • The three female singers no longer carry out choreography that was also an offensive portrayal, with new choreography representing cowboys and various lyrics in the song
    • “Fought single-handed through the Injun War, ‘Til the Creeks was whipped and peace was in store” lyrics were completely removed
    • Backdrop with a teepee was replaced with a charming one more prominently featuring a tent and Big Thunder Mountain from Frontierland in the Magic Kingdom
    • The part of the Indian Scout (portrayed by a guest) was changed to a Wilderness Scout
    • The Battle of the Alamo is no longer referenced and actors no longer come onto the stage with guns in war regalia, despite the fact that the coats still appear in an earlier gag in the show. The Texas Ranger (guest) now simply scares off the bear chasing Claire.
    • The Texas Ranger no longer receives a kiss on the cheek for their heroism.
    • The woman looking for “Mr. Crockett” and his educated bear no longer has a rifle
    • “Let’s see if they can dance?” was met with a “Who cares?” from the male actors originally, a reference to the fact that the can-can dancer chosen from the crowd was typically an attractive woman. This has been removed.

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  1. “A repeating stereotypical impression of Native Americans chanting was removed from the act.”

    This was removed YEARS ago, prior to the shutdown in March 2020.

    ““Fought single-handed through the Injun War, ‘Til the Creeks was whipped and peace was in store” lyrics were completely removed.”

    These lyrics were NEVER in the show. I know.

    And the guns were removed YEARS ago, at least 5 or more.

    Next time you try to do some “investigative journalism,” don’t. All the writing on this site is done by hacks just tryin to get clicks.


  2. Can they get rid of the entire western theming too? As a native Texan, I find the whole “cowboy” thing highly offensive to my people.

  3. Beyond pathetic. What they have essentially done is bleached out every reference to the anglo western expansion, so that the whole show has no context. They have fabricated racialist lyrics that have long since lost their racist tone. This isn’t sensitivity, it’s stupidity. They can slam them skillets on their own heads, cause this Revue is a pile of quivering doo doo.

  4. I’m not clear on the reason for replacing the buckets with skillets. Did Disney ever explain the motivation for this change? While it’s a minor thing, I always liked how the servers timed the clanking down of the buckets on the tables to the rhythm of the song.

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