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REVIEW: Pecos Pico Tenders Are Yet Another Mediocre 50th Anniversary Dish From Golden Oak Outpost at Magic Kingdom

We ventured out to Adventureland in Magic Kingdom to try the new 50th anniversary Pecos Pico Tenders from the Golden Oak Outpost. Here are our thoughts on the interesting dish.

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Like the anniversary dishes that came before it, the Slue Foot Sue and the Pecos Bill Widow Maker, this dish is named after the classic Pecos Bill short from “Melody Time.” The tenders are named after the cowboy himself.

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Pecos Pico Tenders – $10.99

Loaded Chicken Strips with Sour Cream, Cheddar, and Pico

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This dish was served with four chicken tender covered in cheddar cheese, Pico de Gallo, and sour cream. It is quite literally what it says it is.

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You can taste each flavor as you dive in, but they don’t combine well. The cheese didn’t melt, and the pico is very mild. The sour cream just barely tips this dish over the edge of bland.

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It seems like they were trying to go for a unique take on loaded nachos but failed in the execution. A bit of melted queso would have gone a long way.

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Overall, the dish is fine if you want to mix up the usual chicken tenders combo, but like the other 50th anniversary meals from Golden Oak Outpost, we’re not reaching for them again.

For more new 50th anniversary dishes at Magic Kingdom, check out the Magic Kingdom Club Éclair.

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  1. Out of the meals I ate at WDW recently, only two really were good. Others,bland and overpriced. Sadly, the most expensive was the worst. At the Disney Yacht and Beach resort. A bagel salmon and cheese sandwich for $20, if I want a Lender’s bagel instead of a fresh baked one, I’ll head to my grocery store. I get a much better version at Einstein’s for $7 not including Disney charging $4 for a martini glass of orange juice that was fresh squeezed from Tropicana lol.

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