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REVIEW: We Tried Everything on the Menu From Stark Factory in Avengers Campus at Walt Disney Studios Park

We were lucky enough to snag an Annual Passholder preview to Avengers Campus at Walt Disney Studios Park, and we’ve got a full menu review of the Stark Factory restaurant for you.


DLP AC Stark Factory 50 scaled

There is seating outside, but it’s just a simple patio looking out at the rest of Avengers Campus.


Factory Dining Room

DLP AC Stark Factory 27 scaled

The interior is much more interesting. The centerpiece of the factory dining room is the Hulkbuster.

DLP AC Stark Factory 3 scaled

It sits in front of the counters, contained in a yellow framework.

DLP AC Stark Factory 9 scaled

Tony Stark didn’t clean the Hulkbuster up for display — it has scratches and dents.

DLP AC Stark Factory 5 scaled
DLP AC Stark Factory 8 scaled

There’s even some exposed wiring.

DLP AC Stark Factory 10 scaled

The rest of this main room has mostly grey walls and furniture.

DLP AC Stark Factory 6 scaled

There are some full of various weapons and costume pieces. The logo on the wall is for AccuTech Research & Development. AccuTech is a subsidiary of Stark Industries that used to be part of the weapons division before Tony moved the company away from the arms industry.

DLP AC Stark Factory 2 scaled

This cage is labeled “melee weapons” and has Black Widow’s white suit and electric batons.

DLP AC Stark Factory 4 scaled

This one features a Black Panther costume. The vials appear to hold vibranium fragments.

DLP AC Stark Factory 7 scaled

The soda fountains weren’t available during previews, so were covered in a Stark Factory-branded tarp. We got bottled soda instead.

DLP AC Stark Factory 11 scaled

This cage is packed with electronic components.

DLP AC Stark Factory 16 scaled

There are “specialized projectiles” in this cage.

DLP AC Stark Factory 14 scaled

The base of a robotic Iron Man is in this cage with several tool boxes.

DLP AC Stark Factory 13 scaled

One wall features blueprints for the Iron Wing, which is from the Iron Man Experience at Hong Kong Disneyland.

DLP AC Stark Factory 15 scaled
DLP AC Stark Factory 17 scaled

This blueprint has classified and declassified stamps. It’s for Captain America’s shield.

DLP AC Stark Factory 18 scaled

Another schematic depicts the arc reactor.

DLP AC Stark Factory 12 scaled

Short stairs lead up to another section of dining tables.

DLP AC Stark Factory 19 scaled

SSR Office Dining Room

DLP AC Stark Factory 28 scaled

Through some sliding doors is another dining room resembling the SSR office.

DLP AC Stark Factory 29 scaled

A note on the doors reads:


This is the “secret room” I was talking about.

Figure you should get to decide what to do with it.


DLP AC Stark Factory 46 scaled

It has green walls, with wood paneling along the bottom. There are maps, blueprints, and shelving on the walls.

DLP AC Stark Factory 31 scaled

The tables resemble wood desks with wood chairs.

DLP AC Stark Factory 32 scaled
DLP AC Stark Factory 35 scaled

In one corner is Peggy Carter’s desk and Howard Stark’s Captain America collection.

DLP AC Stark Factory 36 scaled

Guests can dine at a counter around Peggy’s desk.

DLP AC Stark Factory 47 scaled

It has a nameplate for Peggy.

DLP AC Stark Factory 45 scaled

There’s a S.H.I.E.L.D. emblem tin next to a pen holder.

DLP AC Stark Factory 48 scaled

There are even stamps.

DLP AC Stark Factory 33 scaled

Photos of Peggy, Steve, and more characters hang on the wall.

DLP AC Stark Factory 42 scaled

There’s even a photo of Edwin Jarvis.

DLP AC Stark Factory 37 scaled

Peggy’s red hat hangs on the wall, next to Cap’s original shield.

DLP AC Stark Factory 44 scaled

The weathered shield is in a display case.

DLP AC Stark Factory 30 scaled

Captain America’s original blue helmet and goggles are also in a display box.

DLP AC Stark Factory 41 scaled

The helmet sits atop one of two filing cabinets. Some of these drawers are labeled “H. Stark inventions” and “H. Stark research.”

DLP AC Stark Factory 39 scaled

Other drawers are labeled “Project Rebirth” (the code name for the super soldier serum project), “S. Rogers case files,” and “Hydra intel.”

DLP AC Stark Factory 38 scaled

There are more drawers for Vibranium and Tesseract test studies. The bottom two drawers are for “Paperclip candidates.” Within the Marvel universe, Operation Paperclip was a project for recruiting Nazi scientists, including Arnim Zola, to S.H.I.E.L.D.

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vacationeer TopBarAD2020 v2
DLP AC Stark Factory 43 scaled

More office props sit on the shorter cabinet.

DLP AC Stark Factory 40 scaled

One of the drawers on this cabinet is labeled “CA, USA Time anomaly,” maybe a reference to the Ancient Sanctum at Avengers Campus in Disney California Adventure, which doesn’t exist in the Disneyland Paris version. There are case archives for Red Skull and his plane, the Valkyrie. There’s a drawer at the bottom for Camp Lehigh, where Steve Rogers trained. The rest of the drawers are simply labeled “SSR archives” A-Z and “Paris lab projects.”

Another Dining Room

DLP AC Stark Factory 53 scaled

A third dining room has brick walls and metal tables.

DLP AC Stark Factory 49 scaled

The SSR logo is painted on one wall.

DLP AC Stark Factory 51 scaled

There are various safety signs. This one reminds personnel that they must report to Agent Carter before using the nearby test chamber.

DLP AC Stark Factory 52 scaled

This sign reminds employees to wear eye protection. The signs use both French and English. The bottom reads, “Don’t look directly at the Vita Rays.”

DLP AC Stark Factory 54 scaled

The “test chamber” houses more unavailable soda machines.

DLP AC Stark Factory 55 scaled
DLP AC Stark Factory 56 scaled


DLP AC Stark Factory 61 scaled

Stark Factory is quick-service “buffeteria” style, meaning you go down a line, grab your food, and then pay at the end.

DLP AC Stark Factory 60 scaled


Refuel Bowl – 8.50 €

Frisée Lettuce, Crispy Bacon, Poached Egg, Croutons, and Cherry Tomatoes

DLP AC Stark Factory 70 scaled

The dressing is provided on the side. It’s necessary but also a little overpowering. The salad is fine, and everything tastes fresh.

DLP AC Stark Factory 68 scaled

That said, an American in Paris probably wouldn’t love this type of salad.

Vegan Hyper Bowl – 8.50 €

Frisée Lettuce, Smoked Tofu, Mix of Bulgur and Quinoa, Cherry Tomatoes, Zucchini, and Carrot Julienne, Sesame, and Soy Vinaigrette

DLP AC Stark Factory 75 scaled

There are more flavors in this salad, and we prefer it to the Refuel Bowl. There’s a light soy vinaigrette already on it, but we still had to add the dressing.

DLP AC Stark Factory 77 scaled

Ultimately, we wouldn’t choose to get a salad here.

Side Salad – 3.30 €

Frisée Lettuce and Cherry Tomatoes

The side salad is just a simplified, smaller version of the salads above.


Italian Dry-Cured Ham Pizza – 14 €

Pizza Dough, Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella, Italian Dry-Cured Ham, and Rocket Salad

DLP AC Stark Factory 87 scaled

Arugula is also known as rocket in Europe, so the “rocket salad” is the arugula on top. One of these pizzas is a bit larger than a standard pizza slice, so it can theoretically be picked up. Or you can eat it with a fork and knife.

DLP AC Stark Factory 86 scaled

This is fine, especially compared to other Disneyland Paris pizza options. The cheese is rich and thick with great flavor. The ham is of great quality and brings some saltiness. The red sauce is fine. The crust is doughty with a crispy bottom.

Stracciatella Pizza – 14 €

Pizza Dough, Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella, Olives, and Stracciatella

DLP AC Stark Factory 83 scaled

This has the same rich mozzarella cheese atop a relatively mediocre pizza. When taking a bite with an olive, the olive is the dominant flavor.

DLP AC Stark Factory 79 scaled

This was fine enough, but we prefer the ham pizza.

4 Seasons Pizza – 14 €

Pizza Dough, Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella, Half Dried Cherry Tomatoes, Artichoke, & Red and Yellow Peppers

DLP AC Stark Factory 81 scaled

All the toppings were grouped in the middle of this pizza — the same as the olives on the pizza above, though those are easier to push around. That said, the toppings were the best part of this slice.

DLP AC Stark Factory 76 scaled

The artichoke is excellent and the peppers have a great roasted flavor.


Parmesan Cheese Sauce Macaroni – 13 €

Parmesan and Cream Sauce

DLP AC Stark Factory 66 scaled

This was very rubbery. The sauce was thick and pasty. Flavor-wise, it’s fine, but we wouldn’t recommend it.

DLP AC Stark Factory 65 scaled

Bolognese Sauce Trivelli – 13 €

Bolognese Sauce

DLP AC Stark Factory 69 scaled

The pasta in this dish was the opposite of the macaroni. It was soft and melt-in-your-mouth, which isn’t a bad thing.

DLP AC Stark Factory 73 scaled

For fast food bolognese sauce, this isn’t bad. We got hints of the seasoned beef, and the tomato wasn’t overpowering. This is an okay option.

Vegan Neapolitan Pennette – 13 €

Neapolitan Sauce and Basil

DLP AC Stark Factory 67 scaled

This was the best of the pasta dishes. The sauce was a little better than a canned sauce. It had onion and tomato flavors.

DLP AC Stark Factory 71 scaled

The pasta is well-cooked, not too chewy, and not disintegrating. This was good, whether you’re vegan or not. And if you are vegan, this may be the best option in the park.


The Thunder Cake – 5 €

Caramel – Milk Chocolate Entremet

DLP AC Stark Factory 84 scaled 1

This Norwegian-inspired dessert is said to be Thor’s favorite. It has a blue and white thunderbolt piece on top. Though it may look solid, this cake is soft like a mousse or a pudding.

DLP AC Stark Factory 88 scaled

It’s sweet, but not too sweet. There’s a light milk chocolate flavor, followed by the caramel, but neither is overpowering or too rich.

DLP AC Stark Factory 1 scaled

This is good. We wouldn’t mind stopping at Stark Factory again for a soda and this cake as a snack.

Fruit Bag – 4 €

Yogurt on a Fruit Layer – 3 €

Haribo Vanilla and Strawberry Sauce Ice Cream – 3.50 €

Magnum Vegan Almond Bar – 4 €


The interior theming of Stark Factory is great, but the food isn’t. Not to mention, none of the food is themed except the Thor dessert, which has nothing to do with Tony Stark or a factory. The food is better than several other counter-service restaurants at Disneyland Paris, but still not the best.

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