Walt Disney World Quietly Lifts Two-Per-Item Limit on Most Merchandise

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According to multiple Cast Members, the two-per-item limit instituted last year to curb reselling online has quietly been lifted for most items around Walt Disney World, with a few exceptions.

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After consulting with several Cast Members and Leads, it seems the resort has lifted the restriction from two back to ten per guest, excepting a few high-profile lines which will retain the two-per-guest limit.

The rule was instituted last year for all purchases following controversy surrounding resellers quickly buying up almost all new items before regular guests could get a chance. The only items previously exempted were consumables like food and ponchos.

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High-profile releases like Mickey Mouse: The Main Attraction along with limited edition items, Loungeflys, and MagicBands will continue to be two per-guest, per Cast Members.

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  1. Great news for resellers, bad news for the rest of us. Items like pins and seasonal merchandise will be in the hands of profiteers and not us mouseketeers.

  2. They’re lifting the limitations because no one is buying merch at the parks. Bob needs to decide. He can’t bankrupt us with ticket prices, food prices, unbundled services like genie plus, photo pass, etc and then expect us to buy merch that he’s hiked 25 to 50% from the Iger days. If you want new merch at a fraction of the price – go to the Disney outlet stores- they have merch that’s currently being sold at the parks – including Galaxy’s Edge merch.

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