EPCOT 40th Anniversary Phone Cases Now Available at Walt Disney World

On October 1, EPCOT officially celebrated its 40th Anniversary. Disney has been delivering some special merchandise to mark the occasion since the big day, and we found these five new custom phone case designs honoring the 40th Anniversary from the MaDe kiosks.

EPCOT 40th Anniversary Custom Phone Case Designs – $29.99

Epcot 40th anniversary phone cases 1

EPCOT 40th Anniversary Phone Case – Passholder Edition

Epcot 40th anniversary phone cases figment passholder

This 40th Anniversary phone case is made especially for those who are Annual Passholders. The main area of the case is white with a watermark of the EPCOT ring logo in the center.

Running down the right-hand side is “PASSHOLDER.” “EPCOT 40” intersects in the middle with the “0” and “O” becoming interchangeable. To the left of “PASSHOLDER” are various images of Figment in silhouette. Underneath EPCOT is October 1, 2022 – marking the anniversary.

All the text and images of Figment are in an iridescent purple – giving it a 3-D effect. The frame of this – and all the cases – are in black.

EPCOT 40th Anniversary Phone Case – World Showcase Edition

Epcot 40th anniversary phone cases world showcase

The World Showcase phone case features all the landmark pavilions found throughout the area with “World Showcase” above them. “EPCOT” in turquoise is at the bottom while the number “40” is in the center-right.

In the upper right-hand corner – opposite the camera cutout, is a colorful EPCOT Center logo.

EPCOT 40th Anniversary Phone Case – EPCOT Center Attraction Logos Edition

Epcot 40th anniversary phone cases logo

On a white background, this phone case has many of the original EPCOT Center attraction logos interspersed with Figment in varying poses and colors.

In the center is the colorful EPCOT Center ring logo – a collection of circles containing a globe with styled longitude and latitude lines. The shapes all related to something in science – an implied pentagon around the outer perimeter, and the multi-colored interlocking circles (and freeform diamond and triangle shapes) resembling helixes. The logo is to represent something (or a place) where many objects and forces converge into one.

In the lower center is “EPCOT 40” and “October 1, 2022.” The design of this case is to give it a 3-D effect.

EPCOT 40th Anniversary Phone Case – EPCOT Center Attraction Logos & Stripes Edition

Epcot 40th anniversary phone cases pavilion logos

This is a variation on the EPCOT Center Attraction Logos phone case. This one features multi-colored stripes intersecting – forming a diamond pattern with the EPCOT Center attraction logos alternating throughout the design. At the top and bottom – in a white diamond, is “EPCOT 40” in turquoise and purple. This phone case also has a 3-D effect.

EPCOT 40th Anniversary Phone Case – EPCOT40 Logo Edition

Epcot 40th anniversary phone cases

This case has the EPCOT Center ring logo in the middle with “EPCOT” in its current font above it and “40 Years of Possibility” underneath. Sprinkled in the background is “EPCOT 40” in multi-colors.

Will you be making one of these cases for your iPhone? If so, let us know in the comments below.

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