Scrims Up Around Broken Lime Garage Fountain at Disney Springs

On October 6, we reported that the fountain in front of Lime Garage at Disney Springs suddenly broke.

At the time that it happened, Andrew, a WDWNT reader, informed us a portion of the lower half just broke off in front of him and fell into the pool below.

No one was touching or interacting with the fountain and it seems to have broken on its own.

Lime Garage fountain covered 1
Lime Garage fountain covered 4

Recently, we visited Disney Springs — nearly three weeks later — and discovered that the fountain is still not working. Not only that, it’s completely hidden behind a large, tan scrim.

Lime Garage fountain covered 2
Lime Garage fountain covered 3

At this time, it’s unclear if Disney is looking for a way to repair the broken section or will replace the entire basin.

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