Man “Sneaks” Himself & Child Into Magic Kingdom for Free, Pretends to Not Speak English, & Gets Charged with Battery

A man tried to take his child to the Magic Kingdom for free. Instead it cost him a trip to jail.

Baica Crisan, a 37-year-old Romanian citizen who lives in Virginia, was arrested in the bizarre situation that unfolded Aug. 19, according to a newly released Orange County Sheriff’s Office report.

Crisan is charged with two counts of misdemeanor battery, court records show.

Crisan made his way through the turnstiles at the front of the Magic Kingdom without paying or showing a pass, the sheriff’s arrest report said.

A Disney security manager tried to stop Crisan and wanted Crisan to either explain himself or show his ticket. Instead Crisan pushed the Disney manager’s left shoulder and kept going. 

A Disney investigator followed Crisan down Main Street, U.S.A. and tried to intervene, but again, Crisan pushed him out of the way too.

The two Disney employees were not injured, the sheriff’s report noted.

Throughout the encounter, Crisan acted as if he didn’t know English, the Disney employees said.

In reality, Crisan “has a good command of the English language,” the sheriff’s report said.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office was called in to assist Disney. A deputy reviewed video surveillance that showed “Crisan walking through the front entrance with one child without using ticket media of any kind and not paying for admission. The cost of admission for both would have been $210,” according to the sheriff’s report.

The report did not give the child’s age. The sheriff’s deputy also interviewed Crisan “who kept pretending for some time that he could not speak English. A little over 2 hours later Crisan began to speak and understand English,” the report said.

Crisan was arrested and taken to Orange County Jail.

The two Disney employees, who were ages 50 and 38, wanted to prosecute Crisan and agreed to testify in court.

“Crisan resides in Virginia. Due to living out of the state of Florida his bonds were doubled,” the report said.

Crisan’s attorney did not respond to a request for comment for this story.  Crisan has pleaded not guilty to the criminal charges, according to Orange Circuit Court records.

It’s not the first time someone has tried to sneak into the Magic Kingdom.

Last year a 31-year-old man was arrested for walking up the berm and scaling a fence to get into the park. He made it into the Magic Kingdom and snuck inside Tony’s Town Square Restaurant to change clothes. However, his free visit was short-lived before Disney caught him and he was taken to jail.

16 thoughts on “Man “Sneaks” Himself & Child Into Magic Kingdom for Free, Pretends to Not Speak English, & Gets Charged with Battery”

    • Agree, esspecially these days with companies saying, its not worth the cost of apprehension, all that PC bullcrap which ends up just opening the floodgates to more people pulling this BS. Good on disney

  1. So between Disney cams, both obvious and hidden, and probably 20K spectators standing around, we couldn’t get even one picture of the assailant? Really? People might be less inclined to try it if they understood that security is no joke at the happiest place on Earth.

  2. The only unbelievable part of the story is the price of two out of state guests costing only $210 in mid-august no way was it that cheap

    • Yikes, yes! $210? In the late 60’s, Disneyland had just upped the price right before our family visit. It was up to $3.75 for children and $4.25 for adults. My dad came un-guh-lued…I’ve never heard the Lord’s name being taken in vain so many times in my life. Then we ate at the Blue Bayou Restaurant. I thought my dad was going to seriously have a heart attack right there. Now, to do Disney, you need to take out a loan.

    • Yup, the real victim is not “The King of the Magic Kingdom,” but the kid whose dad went to prison because a multi-million company didn’t get paid 210 bucks. I’m not saying the guy there is on the right, but isn’t it rather ironic that something meant to make kids happy may have ruined a kid’s life for a few hundred bucks? Yikes!

  3. The employees are doing a great job by not letting him get away.He should be embarrassed. What habits are we teaching are children these days😪.

    • I’m actually embarrassed for you Dianne for having such a narrow view of people to shame them for doing something for their child. You have no clue this man’s life. He couldn’t afford a ticket for him and his one child he’s not slashing throats in a public bathroom.

  4. I wonder if people would still try to sneak in if the tickets were more reasonable. Disney is despicable for the amount of money it charges for its’ products while exploiting children & marketing to working families.

  5. I don’t condone what he did. If you can’t afford it, don’t go. However, $210 for admission for a parent and a child, is also criminal.

  6. This is not what Mr. Disney wanted. He made Disney for parents to take their children to so they would enjoy each other. Now you can’t afford it. It’s truly sad. I understand things cost more but they are making extremely good amounts of money. Now we are having to watch family’s fighting. My granddaughter was so upset seeing this. We are no longer annual pass holders. So sad 😪

  7. Honestly the truth is not know why he would try to sneak into Disney with his kid without paying, maybe he lost his job. I think he probably tried to give his kid a wish come true by taking him to Disney, if I was there I would off paid for his and his kid ticket.

    I hope it works out for him a lesson learn that stealing is not a great example to teach your kids, but wishing him nothing but the best for him and his family and hope he can take his kids to Disney one day!


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