PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 10/4/22 (Hocus Pocus Color Changing Mug, New Limited Release and Limited Edition Pins, & More)

Good morning from Magic Kingdom! Today we plan to spend the day here looking for all the new things we can find. Let’s get started.

MK PHOTO REPORT 104221 scaled

As we walked into Magic Kingdom, we noticed a sign showing tickets were still available for tonight’s Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.

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MK PHOTO REPORT 104223 scaled

In the Emporium, we spotted this Hocus Pocus color changing mug with a spoon. Add hot liquids to this cauldron style mug, and writing and colors appear.

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Disney Munchling plush characters have arrived in Magic Kingdom. We spotted a Baymax toasted s’more plush.

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In addition to the big Disney Munchling plush, there are also mystery packs to choose from. All the Disney Munchlings are scented, which helps when picking out a mystery box.

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We spotted a Mickey reversible bucket hat in the Emporium. One side is black and features Mickey Mouse and a peace sign.

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The other side of the bucket hat is also black and features an allover design of Mickey Mouse.

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We couldn’t resist saying hello to our favorite pals on top of the Main Street Station.

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As we made our way through Magic Kingdom, we noticed that the “Disney Fab 50” character statues were playing spooky Halloween sounds. In order to interact with the statues, you need to purchase a MagicBand+.

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In Star Traders, a “The Skeleton Dance” t-shirt is now available. “The Skeleton Dance,” is an animated short from the 1929 “Silly Symphony” cartoons.

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We noticed TRON Lightcycle / Run was doing testing today, and we could even hear the sound effects. TRON Lightcycle / Run will be opening in spring of 2023.

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There were 11 pin releases today at Magic Kingdom in Frontier Trading Post. The first pin is The Nightmare Before Christmas “Together Forever” limited release pin.

MK PHOTO REPORT 1042214 scaled

There were also four more “The Nightmare Before Christmas” limited edition pins available for purchase. These pins are limited edition of 5,000 each.

MK PHOTO REPORT 1042215 scaled

A Rapunzel Disney Princess tea party limited edition pin of 4,000 was also available. This is the 13th release of the Disney Princess tea party pin collection.

MK PHOTO REPORT 1042216 scaled

Two limited release Pixar ear headband pin sets were available. These were previously released in Disneyland but are now available in Walt Disney World.

MK PHOTO REPORT 1042217 scaled

A limited release Grogu pin was also available in Frontier Trading Post.

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Finally, two new Vault Collection pins were available. The first is a limited edition 20th anniversary Walt Disney World Vault Collection pin. This pin is limited edition 3,000. There is also a limited release autograph book 50th anniversary Walt Disney World Vault Collection pin.

Thanks for following along with our day!

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