REVIEW: Exclusive Curry Brat Tots and Tinker Bell Cream Puff During Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party at Magic Kingdom

Two exclusive offerings are available at The Friar’s Nook during Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party this year at Magic Kingdom: Curry Brat Tots and the Tinker Bell Cream Puff.

MVMCPFriarsNook 1 scaled

Curry Brat Tots – $11.49

 Tots topped with chopped bratwurst, curry ketchup, and apple slaw

MVMCPFriarsNook 2 scaled

These are okay, but not great. The meat is not very flavorful and there’s not much of it. The slaw is an odd choice with the apples in it, a regular type of slaw would have been better. The curry ketchup was also not very flavorful. Not anywhere near the spice level for what you’d normally call curry ketchup. The Halloween party Un Poco Loco tots were much better all around. The one redeeming feature of this offering is that it’s the only non-sugary party exclusive snack this year.

Tinker Bell Cream Puff – $6.79

Cream puff and compressed carrot cake topped with spiced cream cheese icing, spiced walnuts, and chocolate wings

First, a word of warning — the spice level in this dessert is intense. If you like carrot cake, it’s super delicious, but still intensely spicy. The puff part was also very good, perfectly flaky. The most disappointing part was that there’s really no cream in this “cream” puff. The icing in between the layers of compressed carrot cake is all you get. It’s good, but even a dab of whipped cream or custard in there would have made this great. Highly recommended if you like carrot cake.

These are available exclusively during Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, a separately ticketed event taking place on select nights from November 8 through December 22.

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