UPDATE: Disneyland Halts All Magic Key Sales Again

After putting Magic Keys on sale just over a day ago, Disneyland Resort has officially halted all Magic Key sales again.

Disneyland Magic Key stock 4
Disneyland Resort abruptly announced new Magic Key sales yesterday, the first time in nearly a year for the higher tier passes. Three of the four tiers — Inspire, Believe, Imagine — went on sale again, with Enchant Key remaining available for renewals only.

The Magic Keys progressively sold out over the past roughly 30 hours. First to go was the Believe key, the second highest tier, at around 11:30a.m. PST today, followed by the lowest tier Imagine key at 1:15p.m. PST. As of 4:45p.m. PST, the highest tier Inspire Key has also sold out once more, leaving many guests unable to purchase after waiting in line as long as 12 hours.

On the virtual queue website, guests still in line were given the following message: “Due to the incredible popularity of our Magic Key program, we have stopped sales of new passes at this time to help protect the experience for Magic Key holders and the value those passes provide. Renewals for current Magic Key holders within their renewal window (up to 30 days before pass expiration) will continue to be available for all pass types (Inspire, Believe, Enchant, and Imagine) at this time.”

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2 thoughts on “UPDATE: Disneyland Halts All Magic Key Sales Again”

  1. They need to end the AP program. They just crowd up Disneyland. We drop 15K a year for a week there, and it is sooooo crowded now. It just isn’t worth it. We will spend our vacation dollars elsewhere. They can let the APs who visit several times a week run it into the ground.


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