UPDATE: Walt Disney World Reneges on Promise to Bring Back Parking Lot Trams at All Theme Parks This Year

Walt Disney World has walked back the promise to return parking trams to all theme parks this calendar year.

On the Walt Disney World website, under “Trams,” it formerly stated, “Courtesy trams have returned to Magic Kingdom park and Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park – and they’ll return to other Walt Disney World theme parks throughout 2022. Where available, this convenient mode of transportation will whisk Guests from the theme park’s parking lot to its Main Entrance and back.”

However, after a recent visit to the Walt Disney World website, we noticed that statement has been removed from the website.

Nearly a year ago, Disney Parks made the announcement official on their Twitter account.

The trams returned to the Magic Kingdom in December 2021 and to Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park this past May. However, with 32 days left until the end of the year, it’s unclear if any of the other theme park trams will return.

The courtesy service used to operate at all four theme parks. However, it was discontinued when the parks closed due to the pandemic. When the parks reopened, and physical distancing rules ended, the tram service remained unavailable.

At this time, there is no tram service at EPCOT or Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Are you disappointed that the trams have yet to return to the rest of the Walt Disney World Resort? Let us know in the comments below.

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8 thoughts on “UPDATE: Walt Disney World Reneges on Promise to Bring Back Parking Lot Trams at All Theme Parks This Year”

  1. So….. maybe parking prices at those parks should reflect the lack of service being provided. Just like they did for hotel rates when magical express went away. Oh yea, it didn’t.

  2. Was a pass holder for 25 years. Stopped because of back issues. I guess my dream of getting it againhasbeen killed. Especially since they no longer honor or appreciate them.

  3. I canl unpderstand if there are a shortage of castmembers, but not having trams at all 4 theme parks is a disservice to guests and should be made a priority.

  4. As long as people are content to pay more and more for less and less, Disney will happily continue to take as much money from those people as possible.

  5. I am a Disney Vacation member and was very happy until the recent increases on the cost for tickets to the park and other changes

    I have been in DVC since 2008 and am seriously thinking about selling my shares.

  6. Like someone else mentioned…as long as people keep going to the parks and opening their wallets Disney will be happy to take said money. They haven’t brought back the trams in all the parks because you are going to be pretty thirsty by the time you get to the parks. So what are you going to do? You are going to open that wallet and buy something to drink! Disney has it all figured out. Those that think the Genie+ is for crowd control are at the very least naive. Disney ALWAYS has the bottom line in mind for EVERYTHING they do. If it’s not going to make them money then they aren’t going to do it!

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