Walt Disney World Will Not Resume Annual Pass Sales in 2022

Earlier we reported that prices for a Walt Disney World Annual Pass will increase when sales resume. However, at the time, there was no indication when those passes would go back on sale. Now, it’s being reported that guests wishing to purchase an annual pass won’t be able to do so until sometime next year.

Although sales resumed for annual passes for a brief time in September 2021, all but the Pixie Dust Pass – for Florida Residents only – were halted two months later.

When annual pass sales do resume, expect to pay more. Here are the price increases:

  • Incredi-Pass: $1399 (was $1299)
  • Sorcerer Pass: $969 (was $899)
  • Pirate Pass: $749 (was $699)
  • Pixie Dust Pass: $399 (no change)

Are you planning on purchasing an annual pass once sales resume? Let us know in the comments below.

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17 thoughts on “Walt Disney World Will Not Resume Annual Pass Sales in 2022”

  1. Yes we have little choice when you have people who are special needs and love Disney . Unfortunately Disney couldn’t care less about our needs as families who have DVC. And visit more than once. Year. Maybe Time to cut back for good.

  2. No. Disney is too greedy. They don’t care about annual pass holders, only the people who are willing to pay any price for tickets. It’s a shame. Going to the parks was so much fun. Now it’s so expensive that most people can’t afford it anymore.

  3. Disney corp is disgusting greedy and like all American corporations MONEY HUNGRY. The BOARD OF DIRECTORS should be ashamed of themselves!!!!!

  4. We are currently DVC Passholders which is the Sorcerer Pass. Our pass expires in January and we have one final trip plan to utilize the pass. When that is done, unfortunately it will be our last trip to WDW. We have been WDW regulars since the 1980’s and DVC members since 1993. With the lost of numerous “perks” and constant price increases, we can no longer justify the cost. There are lots of other places to go including Universal. Don’t want to leave but but feel pushed out. Sad….

  5. Wow! “Disney”, and “Boeing” seem like two companies that need to have their respective ‘managements-and-board-of-directors’ replaced completely!

  6. Not a chance. After years of being an avid park hopper and happily spending 10’s of thousands of dollars at resorts, restaurants, merch stands and more; attending conferences and participating in numerous Disney organized events, we no longer feel welcome. So Disney is dead to us. They can raise prices as much as they want but they’ve lost focus of their long term values in favor of quarterly results.

  7. I let my passes run out this month as a Florida resident. It’s not the same Disney that I grew up with for 48 years. There’s other things to do in Florida and throughout the country. Disney isn’t one of them.

  8. No I will not be purchasing a pass. What a shame that Disney has become so greedy. We are asked to pay more for less benefits. Disney is alienating The most loyal …Florida residents! I will not be returning to Disney anytime soon!

  9. I have been a AP holder for so long. It kills me to say we have just purchased Busch Gardens and Sea World passes and we will no longer be visiting Disney. It was a great run but my value isn’t important to Disney so why pay the cost. Its just seems you get less and pay so much more. The reservation system Makes the planning part so overwhelming. I use my pass less now and it’s not worth it.

  10. We would love to upgrade our pass. When we purchased ours in March this year we could only purchase the pixie pass and would love to up grade to have our weekends and holidays back.

  11. We were top tier pass holders (2 adult/2 children) for 5 years. Canceled during covid when Disney allowed refund could never get a reservation before that every other weekend we were at a Disney park.

    After canceling we upgraded to platinum Pasesses for Seaworld/Bush Gardens, became Universal Studios Premier pass members , and also became Gold pass member to Kings Dominion in VA because our passes for Seaworld.passes allows admission to all Seaworld park(Bushgardens Willamsburg Va) used them several times…

    In the last 3 years my wife has really turned sour on anything Disney and the idiot CEO… so I doubt we will

  12. We are Florida residents (and former cast members) who have had annual passes for almost 10 years, every year, and we are getting new annual passes… for Universal Studios. Hassle free and no need to make a reservation. Can’t wait until 2025 – it’s going to be EPIC! Disney, we love you but you gotta fire Cheapek!

  13. CHAPEK strikes again….I guess he’s clueless on what made Disney what it once was. Well Mr. Chapek that speech you gave a few months back on how important that family in Denver was vs AP…..well sir that family can’t afford to come here anymore cause you have succeeded in turning Disney into an EXCLUSIVE Club for the 1%.

    Let me give you a quick history lesson….. Walt’s vision & purpose was to create a place where families could go to create memories & family bonding. It was those families who returned on a “REGULAR” basis that made Disney what it is today Now… for that family to visit they either need to take out an equity loan or save up for10 yrs & just treat Disney as something on your “Bucket list” vs a revisiting vacation destination.

    Guess what Mr CEO. when people have positive experiences & feel they receive value as well…..they keep returning & spend more & more money because they try other experiences but when you keep raising prices, be it tickets, food, rooms, etc…& not give anything new in return…..people will start going elsewhere. You don’t give anything new or make anything better to warrant increased prices….you just always keep taking things away, decreasing the value.

    These are justa few things, there’s plenty more, you’ve pretty much have eliminated all street shows, side entertainment, shortened Resort early & late Park Perk Ihrs & days, made families if they want full experiences pay extra for rides when “Fast-Pass” had value, free & with that extra savings families can buy extra souvenirs, shirts, etc which gave you free marketing or they could maybe decide to try that restaurant they been thinking about “EXPERIENCING.”

    Those things create memories which makes people want to return to create more…. that’s what Walt believed. “Not” in your greedy instant gratification business practice.

    Your phrase of “Where Dreams Come True”, now it is, “Keep on Dreaming, Watch us on Youtube.”


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