PHOTOS: Christmas Trees, Star-Shaped Wreaths, and Other Holiday Decor Returns to Disney’s All-Star Resorts

We’ve been making our rounds to all of the resorts at Walt Disney World to see what special decor they install for the holiday season, and today we stopped by the All-Star Resorts!

Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort

all star decor061

Each All-Star lobby features a Christmas tree that has special decor unique to that resort’s theming.

all star decor066

At All-Star Sports, we found the Christmas tree to be littered with sports-themed ornaments!

all star decor065

Basketballs, baseballs, soccer balls, tennis balls, and more could be found on the branches of this tree.

all star decor063
all star decor070

On the windows next to the Christmas tree in the lobby entryway, you can find an oversized wreath with similar decor.

all star decor059
all star decor135

The check-in and concierge desk is lined with star-shaped wreaths.

all star decor134
all star decor133
all star decor131

Even the sitting area, where families can watch Mickey Mouse shorts while waiting for their room to be ready, has the star-shaped wreaths hung above it!

all star decor071
all star decor069
all star decor067

All-Star Music Resort

all star decor145

Over at Disney’s All-Star Music Resort, you can also find a Christmas tree- but this time the decor is musically themed!

all star decor150
all star decor149

If you look closely, you can spot music notes, a keyboard, and even the bell of a trumpet!

all star decor148
all star decor147
all star decor146

A matching oversized wreath hangs on the windows of the entryway.

all star decor152
all star decor157
all star decor159
all star decor158

The concierge desk area also has star-shaped wreaths lining the ceiling.

all star decor156
all star decor155
all star decor153

All-Star Movies Resort

all star decor178

Over at Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort, the Christmas tree at the entry is dressed with film reels!

all star decor183
all star decor181

You can also spot a lot of gold- gold ribbons, ornaments, and stars.

all star decor180
all star decor191

These wreaths lining the lobby walls have director’s slates on them! The slates are dated “December, 25th”, the cameraman is Goofy, and the director is Mickey Mouse!

all star decor190
all star decor189

Like the other All-Star Resorts, star shaped wreaths line the concierge desk area.

all star decor188

What is your favorite Walt Disney World Resort to visit during the holiday season? Let us know in the comments below.

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