Unbelievable Fan-Made ‘Jurassic Park’ Game Drops Trailer Featuring Jurassic Park River Adventure

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Jurassic Park Operations

Unbelievable Fan-Made ‘Jurassic Park’ Game Drops Trailer Featuring Jurassic Park River Adventure

Creators of a Jurassic Park fan-made game have released an unbelievable reveal trailer that is sure to leave like-minded Jurassic Park fans hungry for more. Known on Twitter, YouTube, and Discord as Krenautican, the creator of “Jurassic Park Operations” says he began developing the game two years ago to capture the spirit of the original Jurassic Park movie, putting fans back on Isla Nublar to experience a new adventure.

Jurassic Park Operations will be available to play on either PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 with a copy of Dreams. As fans of the Jurassic Park franchise, the game’s creators will not charge for their game, meaning the only cost to play will come from purchasing access to the Dreams creation platform. Like all games and content created in Dreams, Jurassic Park Operations has been made from scratch using only a PlayStation controller making this reveal trailer and subsequent game that much more impressive.

A blended storyline has been developed for this first-person game, borrowing canon from the book and original film. Players will be able to hunt raptors, drive through the t-rex paddock, pilot the river adventure raft, and explore sections of the island.

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Krenautican is developing this game in collaboration with two other game developers, credited online as @dexave2068 and @funkymotha5507. While a release date has not yet been set for Jurassic Park Operations, the game’s developers hope to release a demo in early 2023. The demo is expected to include three unique operations. The game appears to feature Jurassic Park: The Ride as seen at Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Japan, known as Jurassic Park River Adventure at Universal’s Islands of Adventure. But this fan-made game is not associated with Universal Studios.

The reveal trailer for “Jurassic Park Operations” was posted in November and has since been viewed by nearly 250,000 times. To support the development of Jurassic Park Operations, the game’s developers have started a Patreon account featuring exclusive looks at this free-to-play game.

Please note that Jurassic Park Operations is not affiliated with Universal Studios.

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