‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’ Happy Meal Toys Race Into McDonald’s

“The Super Mario Bros. Movie” Happy Meal toys have raced into McDonald’s ahead of the movie’s 2023 release!

Super Mario Bros. Movie Happy Meal Toy

Now with the purchase of a Happy Meal at McDonald’s restaurants across the country, you can pick up toys themed to the upcoming “The Super Mario Bros. Movie,” opening in theaters on April 7. We have a look at every one of the new toys, so let’s see what your options are!

Mario in His Kart

Mario in Kart

Mario speeds to the rescue in his quintessential kart. Will he reach Bowser in time to save the kingdom?

Luigi With Flashlight

Super Mario Bros. Movie Happy Meal Toys

Luigi lights the way with his trusty flashlight.

Princess Peach

Super Mario Bros. movie Happy Meal Toys

The beautiful Princess Peach is on a journey to save her kingdom!

Toad in His Kart

mario happy meal toad kart

Alongside Mario, Toad is ready to race along to save the Mushroom Kingdom from the evil King Bowser.

Blue Luma

Happy Lumilee is here for the party!

Blue Luma is here for the party! Lumas are star-like characters from the  Super Mario Galaxy games. They appear in a variety of colors such as blue, red, and yellow. Lumas possess a number of distinct abilities, most notably the ability to transform into celestial bodies such as galaxies.

Donkey Kong

Super Mario Bros. Donkey Kong Happy Meal

Donkey Kong is ready to fight and ready to throw his barrels in the mix.

Mario in a Warp Pipe

Mario Warp Tube Happy meal toy

Mario’s speeding through his favorite mode of transport, the Warp Pipe, to save the day!

Check out the NEW trailer for ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie‘ and get ready for some action! While you’re at it, why not watch the first trailer as well.

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  1. Should I expect to receive these familiar childhood character figurines with four alien eyes jammed on each of their faces? I will never get over the unexpected trauma McD’s foisted on us with the ‘adult happy meal’ fiasco earlier this year. They cannot be trusted!


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