Jerrod Maruyama Shares Figment Art, Ashley Taylor and More Artists Share First Look at 2023 EPCOT International Festival of the Arts Pieces

More artists have shared sneak peeks at the pieces they will have available during the 2023 EPCOT International Festival of the Arts.

Jerrod Maruyama

Jerrod Maruyama shares a piece that will be available at the EPCOT International Festival of the Arts. Jerrod and other artists shared previews of their work.

Jerrod Maruyama shared a look at “Spark of Imagination” featuring Figment in his many different outfits over the years Maruyama will be at the EPCOT International Festival of the Arts from February 10 through 14 at the Odyssey Pavilion.

Ashley Taylor

Ashley Taylor, another popular artist, will have four new pieces featuring Disney Princesses. Here is what she wrote on Instagram about each.

ashley taylor find your way

“Find your way!” I wanted to show Moana reflecting on her growth, challenges, lessons and mentors throughout her journey. And how she decides that the time is right to become the leader she wants to be – knowing that she can add some new skills and lessons for the people of Motunui. We all embark through life on our own journeys. We all learn and grow with the help of those around us. I hope this piece serves as a reminder to keep pursuing your passions, strive to do the right thing, lead with love, honor the friends and mentors who helped you grow and find your way…in your own time! You know who you are

ashley taylor the best day

“The Best Day!” I wanted to show Rapunzel moments after she took that leap out of faith out of her comfort zone. I think we can all relate to Rapunzel in that way. We all have our own walls preventing us from chasing our dreams. I hope this piece gives you courage and the motivation to go after your dreams! And to continue to try new things and step out of your comfort zone! How wonderful to think that some of your best days haven’t even happened yet! Go and live your dream! (And I’ll be cheering you on along the way!)

ashley taylor i believe

“I Believe!” I wanted to create a piece that serves as a constant reminder to believe in yourself – just as much as you believe in fairies! When you believe in yourself, the world listens. So be proud of who you are and how far you’ve come. You are the magic. And just like Tinker Bell, you bring so much light and magic to this world. So keep believing in yourself, think happy thoughts and continue to sprinkle pixie dust everywhere you go!

ashley taylor wishing and hoping

“Wishing and Hoping!” I wanted to create a piece that shows how Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother has been looking after Cinderella the entire time. In this piece you’ll see Cinderella taking a moment to daydream before starting her morning chores! She is surrounded by friends and you might see what she’s dreaming about in her reflection! If you look up to the top of the fountain, you’ll see the magic of the Fairy Godmother allowing the pumpkin to grow in the garden – preparing for the moment Cinderella needs her the most. I hope this piece reminds you that you are loved! And whether it’s the kindness of a stranger or the embrace of a lifelong friend, there will always be someone who cares! Helpers are everywhere.

Will Gay

will gay call in the spirits painting

We previously shared Will Gay’s three other pieces that will be available at the EPCOT International Festival of the Arts. His fourth piece, featuring Mickey and Pluto riding the Haunted Mansion, is named “Call in the Spirits.”

Morgan Ditta

In addition to her Oswald art, Morgan Ditta will have art inspired by “The Princess and the Frog,” “Encanto,” and Kingdom Hearts. She joins an impressive list of artists at the EPCOT International Festival of the Arts.

morgan ditta sweetness goin around

Ditta wrote the following on Instagram about “Sweetness Goin’ Around”:

I’ve been itching to do a painting with Lottie (who is SO UNDER-APPRECIATED) and considering I haven’t painted Tiana in her waitress outfit yet, I figured this was the best opportunity for both! This will be available as deluxe prints, LE canvas wraps, and the framed original acrylic painting.

This is the third painting of hers, featuring Tiana.

morgan ditta working together

“Working Together”

If you went back in time 20 years ago and told 14 yro Morgan that someday she would have a Kingdom Hearts painting for sale in the Disney Parks, she would say, “You’re crazy” and go back to blasting Simple & Clean PLANITb Remix on repeat.

In case you didn’t know, I really love Kingdom Hearts. It shaped a lot of my years growing up and was a huge influence to me as an artist and cosplayer. For many years, there were colored-pencil artworks hanging up in my childhood home – one of Hollow Bastion as a perspective art assignment, and one of Sora, Donald, and Goofy fighting dragon-Maleficent. 20 years later, it still has a hard hold on my heart and still inspires me, so much so that I had even Blue-Sky’d a theme park for it a few years ago!

FUN FACT! There are a total of 5 Hidden Mickeys (or “Lucky Emblems”) in this painting, each one representing a different Trinity Mark color. Because hey, if I’m painting something KH, I’m gonna make it extra nerdy.

morgan ditta rhythm accordion to her own design

“A Rhythm Accordion to Her Own Design”

Mirabel’s colorful skirt is so hypnotizing with how it moves in the movie as well as all those embroidered details! So I wanted to do a painting that showed that off. I provided a closeup shot too so you can see the thread details in the embroidery.

Steph Laberis

steph laberis alice preview

Steph Laberis has shared sneak peeks of her four works, two of which we highlighted previously. This one features Alice lost in Wonderland. Laberis wrote on Instagram, “It’s no secret that Mary Blair is one of my biggest influences and I just can’t resist her palettes for Tulgey Wood. The icing on the cake is that I get to illustrate all of the native flora and fauna too!”

steph laberis stitch preview

Laberis also shared a sneak peek of her work featuring Stitch hanging out with a frog and duckling.

Rob Kaz

rob kaz clan of two

Rob Kaz will debut eight new oil paintings, all of which he’s shared sneak peeks of on Instagram. “Clan of Two” features Grogu and the Mandalorian. Kaz wrote the following about the pice:

I wanted to depict Grogu in a sort of adorable, child-like way. Those moments with Grogu are some of my favorites – the moments that make you literally smile (inside and out) while watching The Mandalorian.

By placing Grogu on Mando’s shoulder, there is an air of father/son that sort of melts my heart. But equally, I wanted to communicate Grogu’s mischievousness since that is a large part of who he is and again leans into the child-like qualities that make him so adorable. By placing the shifting knob in his hand, the mischievous quality is achieved, but you can also imagine that Mando is aware that Grogu has the knob and is letting him believe he’s getting away it undetected … like a knowing father might do with his own spirited children.

The most challenging part of this painting, believe it or not, was the helmet. You’d think it’s fairly simple and straightforward, but nope. First, the helmet is of course not organic with natural variations and therefore must be perfectly symmetrical. That’s seriously tough. Second, the metal has to have all the right qualities to be believed as Beskar – light, reflection, color – Beskar is hard. LOL. Seriously, Beskar is hard.

I worked on the painting, all the while tearing myself apart over that dang helmet!

rob kaz think orange

Another piece by Kaz, “Think Orange,” features the iconic Adventureland mascot, Orange Bird.

When I decided to paint the Orange Bird, I wanted to recognize the Orange Bird’s original home – Sunshine Tree Terrace, pictured in the background of my painting.

I also wanted give a nod to the promos that featured the Orange Bird. So, I painted him on a branch where he’s super excited about the orange blossoms that have started to appear. He can hardly wait for the future orange that is to come!

Also, the title itself is a nod to nostalgia. The Orange Bird “speaks” via orange thought bubbles where he was known to suggest we “think orange.”

Dave Perillo

dave perillo sonny eclipse cosmic rays art

Dave Perillo shared his third piece, “Live at Cosmic Rays…” featuring Sonny Eclipse. The singing alien can be seen performing (almost) daily in Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe at Magic Kingdom. Dave Perillo’s other two works are inspired by Gran Fiesta Tour and Space Mountain.

Check out the full artist appearance schedule for the 2023 EPCOT International Festival of the Arts.

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