Mary Poppins, Bert, Walt Disney with Dumbo and Timothy, & More New Disney100 Funko Pop! Figures Celebrate Disney’s 100 Years of Wonder

Justin Topa

Mary Poppins, Bert, Walt Disney with Dumbo and Timothy, & More New Disney100 Funko Pop! Figures Celebrate Disney’s 100 Years of Wonder

Justin Topa

Mary Poppins, Bert, Walt Disney with Dumbo and Timothy, & More New Disney100 Funko Pop! Figures Celebrate Disney’s 100 Years of Wonder

A new collection of Disney100 Funko Pop! figurines have been revealed in celebration of Disney’s 100 Years of Wonder anniversary celebration, including Mary Poppins and her beloved Bert and several new figures of Walt Disney, himself.

Mary Poppins | Disney 100th Pop! Rides – $25

Disney100 Funko Pop Collection 00009
Image Source: Funko |

This Mary Poppins Funko Pop! figurine features the beloved Disney character riding upon a carousel horse in the English countryside. Mary Poppins rides side-saddle wearing a white dress and bonnet in this Funko Pop! celebrating Disney’s 100th anniversary.

Bert | Disney 100th Pop! Rides – $25

Disney100 Funko Pop Collection 00002
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Of course, you can’t have Mary Poppins without the lovable Bert. This Funko Pop! features Bert also riding on the merry-go-round in the English countryside. Bert is sporting his striped suit jacket and hat as seen worn by Dick Van Dyke in the 1964 Disney classic film.

Walt w/ Dumbo and Timothy – $12

Disney100 Funko Pop Collection 00003
Image Source: Funko |

A sepia-toned and mustached Walt Disney can be seen holding Dumbo and Timothy Q. Mouse figures in this new Funko Pop! figurine. Even Dumbo and Timothy have the classic Funko Pop! eyes. This Walt Disney is one of several that have been released ahead of the 100th-anniversary celebration.

Walt Disney with Camera – $15

Disney100 Funko Pop Collection 00012
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In this Funko Pop!, an older Walt Disney leans beside a camera, preparing to bring classic Disney films to television sets worldwide. The silver-haired Walt with Camera is exclusive to the Funko Pop! website.

Mirabel – $12

Disney100 Funko Pop Collection 00004
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Encanto’s young Mirabel will also be reimagined as a Funko Pop! as part of the anniversary collection. Young Mirabel holds the glowing candle of the Madrigal family that actually lights up.

Tiana – $12

Disney100 Funko Pop Collection 00005
Image Source: Funko |

A shimmering Princess Tiana appears in human form for her very own Disney100 Funko Pop! figurine. True to her “Princess and the Frog” animated film, Tiana is seen dancing in her signature green gown.

Tiana and Naveen – $35

Disney100 Funko Pop Collection 00011
Image Source: Funko |

If you’re a fan of “Princess and the Frog”, you may just love this Pop! Moment figurine of Tiana and Naveen. This figure shows the two dressed to the nines and dancing the night away. Like most of the Funko Pop! figures included in the Disney100 collection, this Pop! Moment will be available soon.

Moana – $35

Disney100 Funko Pop Collection 00008
Image Source: Funko |

Moana celebrates the 100th Anniversary of Disney with a Super Deluxe Pop! figurine. Disney’s Moana hangs from her sailboat overlooking the Pacific on her latest adventure.

Elsa – $12

Disney100 Funko Pop Collection 00001
Image Source: Funko |

Elsa’s gown is in mid-transformation in this Disney100 Funko Pop! figure. The “Frozen” princess is surrounded by snowflakes.

Aurora – $12

Disney100 Funko Pop Collection 00006
Image Source: Funko |

Pop! Aurora is also spotted mid-transformation wearing a pink and blue dress with shimmering swirls. Sleeping Beauty looks ready to celebrate Disney100 in style, obviously already under the direction of her fairy godmothers Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather.

Cinderella – $12

Disney100 Funko Pop Collection 00007
Image Source: Funko |

There’s no celebration without Cinderella! Cinderella must be dealing with her own fairy godmother in this Funko Pop! figurine, as the classic Disney character is also sporting a dress that appears to be mid-transformation.

Rapunzel and Flynn – $35

Disney100 Funko Pop Collection 00010
Image Source: Funko |

Rapunzel and Flynn Rider are seen floating along in a gondola with this Pop! Movie Moment. Even Pascal has come along for the ride in this “Tangled”-inspired 100th Anniversary figurine.

Minnie Mouse – $15

Disney100 Funko Pop Collection 00013
Image Source: Funko |

A Funko-exclusive Minnie Mouse dons a glamorous faceted look in this Disney 100th Anniversary collectible figurine. This Minnie Mouse Pop! Minnie Mouse is available right away, exclusively on the Funko website. All of these Disney100 Funko Pop! figurines can be found for purchase or preorder on the official Funko website.

Two additional Disney100 Funko Pop! figurines are available exclusively through Amazon as part of the 100 Years of Wonder Celebration.

Walt Disney on Engine – $24.99

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This exclusive Funko Pop! figure features Walt Disney conducting a Disney Railroad steam engine. Walt waves in a classic conductor’s uniform.

Mickey in Steamboat Car – $15

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A classic black and white Mickey floats along in a reimagined steamboat. This Amazon-exclusive Funko Pop! celebrates Disney’s 100th Anniversary in a completely grayscale design.

Snow White Funko Pop! (Target Exclusive) – $11.99

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Target also has an exclusive Disney100 Funko Pop! available for preorder. This iteration features Snow White in her raggedly clothes surrounded by birds on the way to the wishing well.

Disney100 Aristocats 3-pack Funko Pop! – $35.88

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Walmart is also ready to celebrate the 100th anniversary with an exclusive. Their Funko Pop! features Pop! Marie, Pop! Toulouse, and Pop! Berlioz, Duchess’ three kittens from Disney’s “Aristocats”.

These are just the latest Funko Pop! figurines that we’ve been able to see ahead of the Disney100 celebration. Earlier this month, several other versions of Walt Disney debuted alongside Sorcerer Mickey and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. A few weeks prior, we got the first look at black and white Funko Pop! figures featuring Goofy, Donald, Walt Disney, and more.

Which Disney100 Funko POP! figures will you add to your collection? Let us know in the comments.

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