PHOTOS, VIDEO: Ring in 2023 with ‘Cheers to the New Year: A Sparkling Celebration’ at EPCOT

Happy 2023! Now that the new year is here, we can bring you details on all the fun festivities from around Walt Disney World! While guests at Magic Kingdom get to experience “Fantasy in the Sky,” over here at EPCOT we get to see “Cheers to the New Year: A Sparkling Celebration!”

CheerstotheNewYearEPCOT2023 1

The show utilizes the infrastructure for “Harmonious”, with the taco barges showing the EPCOT logo and “NYE” for New Year’s Eve. The center barge shows iconic buildings from every pavilion around the lagoon.

CheerstotheNewYearEPCOT2023 2
CheerstotheNewYearEPCOT2023 3
CheerstotheNewYearEPCOT2023 4

The beginning portion of the show pays tribute to each of the countries.

CheerstotheNewYearEPCOT2023 5
CheerstotheNewYearEPCOT2023 6
CheerstotheNewYearEPCOT2023 7
CheerstotheNewYearEPCOT2023 9

Fireworks fire from each pavilion as it comes up in the show.

CheerstotheNewYearEPCOT2023 11
CheerstotheNewYearEPCOT2023 12
CheerstotheNewYearEPCOT2023 13

The retro EPCOT logo seen on this year’s 40th Anniversary merchandise sits on the center barge during the countdown as the taco barges show the countdown numbers.

CheerstotheNewYearEPCOT2023 14
CheerstotheNewYearEPCOT2023 15
CheerstotheNewYearEPCOT2023 16
CheerstotheNewYearEPCOT2023 17

An incredible explosion of fireworks, lights, lasers, and water comes after to ring in the new year!

CheerstotheNewYearEPCOT2023 18
CheerstotheNewYearEPCOT2023 19
CheerstotheNewYearEPCOT2023 20

The new year is finally here, and EPCOT for sure rang it in with a bang!

Are you excited for what may come in 2023? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. This show was wonderful!! MyGod, if Harmonious had had some similar kind of idea to this i think it could’ve been a great show, lol. The way that the hilight each country… just everything!!!


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