REVIEW: Space 220 Restaurant at EPCOT Gets Back Into Orbit with NEW Peanut Butter Comet, Charcoal Olive Oil Dessert & More

New dinner menu items recently landed at Space 220 Restaurant in EPCOT, and we “rode” the Stellervator up above the park to try them out. The last menu update was really disappointing, so we were ready to see if the options have improved. Not only did they improve, but I think we are ready to once again call this the best restaurant in the park.



Signage just outside Mission: SPACE directs guests to the entrance of Space 220.


The hallway is a bit of a squeeze, but we get there in the end. Cast Members wait at a desk to assist guests with check-in.



Guests enter the lobby and receive boarding passes for the Stellavator ride to the Centauri Space Station.


The boarding pass is green and a nice little themed touch.


Guests are directed into a small room for their “Stellavator” trip up 220 miles to the space station.


The experience is quite fun and brings to mind the former Mission to Mars attraction at the Magic Kingdom.


At last, we’re in space above Florida!


There’s fun themed touches, like how food might be grown in space.


Panoramic views of Earth stretch out from screen windows spread across the restaurant.


You can see a full photo and video tour inside Space 220 Restaurant here.

Space 220 Menu – $79 per person for Dinner

Dinner includes a Lift-off (appetizer), Star Course (entrée), and Supernova Sweet (dessert). Lunch offers a slightly pared down menu and the $55.00 price only includes an appetizer and an entree, with desserts sold a la carte.

WDW EPCOT Space 220 new dinner menu items 3
WDW EPCOT Space 220 new dinner menu items 4


Roasted Beet Salad

Petite Rosette Lettuce, Herb Pesto, Hazelnuts, Caramelized Goat Cheese

This is instantly my favorite salad at Walt Disney World, and at this point I have had a vast majority of them. I absolutely love goat cheese, and this version with the cartelized sugar coating is perfection. Every bite has a sweetness that is perfectly balanced by the tartness of the cheese itself. The beets were fresh and bursting with flavor, and the pesto and hazelnuts complemented everything really well.

Scallop Ravioli

Diver Scallops, Thyme, Chardonnay Sauce, Black Truffle Pearls

WDW EPCOT Space 220 new dinner menu items scallop ravioli 2

This isn’t a giant dish, but quality-wise it delivers. They weren’t overly fishy and the chardonnay sauce adds a buttery characteristic.

WDW EPCOT Space 220 new dinner menu items scallop ravioli 4

It’s a fine option that shouldn’t disappoint.

WDW EPCOT Space 220 new dinner menu items scallop ravioli 5

Coconut Curry Lobster Bisque

Butter-Poached Lobster, Snow Peas, Pearl Onions, Baby Carrots, Cherry Tomatoes

WDW EPCOT Space 220 new dinner menu items coconut curry lobster bisque 3

The lobster bisque is perfectly enjoyable, albeit a little over-salted.

WDW EPCOT Space 220 new dinner menu items coconut curry lobster bisque 1

There were several large chunks of lobster, all of which were well-cooked. Most of the vegetables provide flavor to the dish, but the snow pea pods come in large chunks throughout.

Star Courses

Space Glazed Duck Breast

Fried Jasmine Rice, Asparagus, Pineapple, Orange Hoisin Sauce

WDW EPCOT Space 220 new dinner menu items space glazed duck breast 3

The Space Glazed Duck Breast was part of a previous menu change, but the dish has been slightly updated with the addition of cabbage over the rice, so we gave it another try.

WDW EPCOT Space 220 new dinner menu items space glazed duck breast 5

The duck was a little fatty, but well- seasoned and tender. The asparagus was inedible though, poorly-cooked and way too hard.

WDW EPCOT Space 220 new dinner menu items space glazed duck breast 6

The orange-hoisin sauce adds a sweetness to the entire dish. The fried rice is good enough, but as unremarkable as any you can make from a bag at home.

Galactic Miso Salmon

Miso Glazed Salmon, Glazed Rainbow Carrots, Edamame, Celeriac Puree

WDW EPCOT Space 220 new dinner menu items galactic miso salmon 2

There was a Bluehouse Salmon on the menu when the restaurant first opened, served with carrots, mushrooms, baby bok choy, ginger, and Beurre Blanc.

WDW EPCOT Space 220 new dinner menu items galactic miso salmon 1

The miso glaze provides a deeply savory flavor, with toasty, funky salty-sweet notes. This combined with a perfectly-prepared, flaky, and well-sized cut of salmon makes for a solid fish entree. If I did have one complaint, the dish could be fleshed out with more of the sides, especially the celeriac puree (made with celery root) which is in short supply.

8 Oz. Filet Mignon

Certified Angus Beef, Creamy Mash Potatoes, Haricot Verts, Red Wine Reduction

The filet isn’t new, but it was ordered by my father who is particularly picky. That being said, it does the trick for such a guest. The steak was tender and juicy, cooked to the requested medium. Again, there could certainly be more mashed potatoes, and the French green beans could have been better seasoned.

New Supernova Sweets

Pistachio and Citrus

Pistachio Mousse, Charcoal Olive Oil, Blood Orange Sorbet and Sauce

There are somethings I am thankful that my job forces me to do, and the need to try new dishes has expanded my horizons and led me to order things I would never think to try otherwise. This is one of those dishes. The combination of rich pistachio mousse with a charcoal olive oil cake is a delicious and very different combination. This dessert is more savory than sweet, but you can dial some tartness with the blood orange sorbet. I know you may want to go for something more familiar to end your trip to the stars, but Space 220 must be commended for doing something so different from the typical Disney World desserts and you should reward them, and yourself, by trying this.

Peanut Caramel Comet

Vanilla Tart, Candied Peanuts, Caramel Popcorn, White Chocolate Cream

WDW EPCOT Space 220 new dinner menu items Peanut Caramel Comet 3

On the opposite side of the spectrum is the dessert that is exactly what you expect it to be, and that is not a bad thing.

WDW EPCOT Space 220 new dinner menu items Peanut Caramel Comet 1

Peanut butter, milk chocolate, and white chocolate flavors combine in a crumbly tart crust for something sure to please many. The caramel sauce, popcorn, and candied peanuts add a nice variety of textures to the mix, but the tart would be just as good plain. However you think this tastes just based off the name and description, that is exactly what you are getting.


Honestly, the appetizers and desserts stole the show while the entrees were just solid. That being said, the combination of atmosphere, skillful bartenders, attentive servers, and the stellar options we listed above make for a memorable meal at EPCOT that you won’t regret.

Yes, it is pricey, but it also 3-courses, so as long as you come hungry, I think you’ll leave happy. You can also do worse for this amount of money at Walt Disney World (I’m looking at you, Be Our Guest Restaurant).

We’re happy to see improvement over the last set of changes, which convinced us we may never dine here again. I’m very glad that I found the last-minute reservation that brought us here and gave it another try.

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