New Fluffy Pixar Crocs, Sulley Ears, Ducky & Bunny Ears at Walt Disney World

New fluffy Pixar merchandise is available at Walt Disney World. We found these fluffy Crocs, Sulley ears, and Ducky and Bunny ears in Star Traders at Magic Kingdom.

Fluffy Pixar Crocs – $64.99

pixar fluffy crocs 8709

A Jibbitz charm on one of these shoes says “Fluffy Festival,” the name used for Pixar merchandise featuring some of their fluffiest characters.

pixar fluffy crocs 8710

Another Jibbitz is a pink puffy ball with a polka-dot bow. This is seemingly inspired by Bing Bong, although the bow is reminiscent of Minnie Mouse.

pixar fluffy crocs 8711

The outside of the shoes feature images of puff balls in different bright colors and inspired by different characters.

pixar fluffy crocs 8712

A white puff ball with a golden horn is on the other shoe next to a silicone charm of Buttercup, the unicorn in “Toy Story” films.

pixar fluffy crocs 8713

The Crocs have white straps.

pixar fluffy crocs 8714

The insides of the shoes are lined with blue sherpa fabric.

pixar fluffy crocs 8715
pixar fluffy crocs 8716
pixar fluffy crocs 8717
pixar fluffy crocs 8718
pixar fluffy crocs 8719
pixar fluffy crocs 8720
pixar fluffy crocs 8721
pixar fluffy crocs 8722
pixar fluffy crocs 8723
pixar fluffy crocs 8724

The bottoms of the shoes are also white.

pixar fluffy crocs 8725

Sulley Ear Headband – $34.99

pixar fluffy ears 8727

These ears are inspired by Sulley from “Monsters, Inc.” and “Monsters University.”

pixar fluffy ears 8728

The headband is covered in fluffy blue fabric. The ears are also blue with purple-pink polka-dots.

pixar fluffy ears 8729

Two pink horns rise from the center of the headband.

pixar fluffy ears 8730
pixar fluffy ears 8731

The inside of the headband is purple.

pixar fluffy ears 8732
pixar fluffy ears 8733
pixar fluffy ears 8734
pixar fluffy ears 8735
pixar fluffy ears 8737

These ears and the ears below feature the new perforated tags.

Ducky & Bunny Ear Headband – $34.99

pixar fluffy ears 8741

Ducky and Bunny are two plush literally attached to each other that appear in “Toy Story 4.”

pixar fluffy ears 8742

One ear is inspired by Bunny, the larger of the two plush. It’s a fluffy blue with Bunny’s ears sticking out of the top.

pixar fluffy ears 8743

A fluffy green bow is at the center.

pixar fluffy ears 8744

The other year is yellow with a fluff of hair on top like Ducky.

pixar fluffy ears 8745

The headband is blue on the outside and green on the outside, further inspired by Bunny.

pixar fluffy ears 8746
pixar fluffy ears 8747
pixar fluffy ears 8748
pixar fluffy ears 8749
pixar fluffy ears 8750
pixar fluffy ears 8751

Will you be wearing some of this fluffy Pixar merchandise? Let us know in the comments.

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