PHOTOS: Themed Lanterns Hung at Journey of Water Inspired by ‘Moana,’ Cool Wash Ground Paved at EPCOT

Construction never seems to stop at EPCOT, so let’s take a look at all the various construction projects visible from the Monorail loop.

Cool Wash

epcot construction 5087

In World Discovery, Cool Wash remains closed and under construction. But the ground within the station has been paved since our last construction update.

epcot construction 5088

In October, a sign was installed renaming Cool Wash to “Refreshment Station,” but the sign was removed soon after.

epcot construction 5089

Some plastic is wrapped around the front columns of the station to keep the decorations protected during construction.

World Celebration & CommuniCore Hall

epcot construction 5094

Just behind the construction walls in front of Connections Cafe are trees that were planted late last year.

epcot construction 5096

Around the trees are construction materials and poles sticking out of the ground.

epcot construction 5097

Behind Expression Section, a large wall with a wooden frame has been constructed.

epcot construction 5090

CommuniCore Hall is being erected near the center of World Celebration, across from Creations Shop and behind Spaceship Earth.

epcot construction 5091

The building is not yet enclosed, giving us a view of several columns of steel inside.

epcot construction 5092

Crew members in cherry pickers are working on various sections of the building’s interior.

epcot construction 5099

A circle of concrete is in the ground next to CommuniCore Hall. Some of the ground next to this circle has been paved.

epcot construction 5101

A few crew members were moving materials around this area.

epcot construction 5102

Poles or pipes stick out of the circle.

epcot construction 5104

Nearby, a crew member was cutting wood as we passed.

epcot construction 5105

In addition to CommuniCore Hall, World Celebration will also house CommuniCore Plaza and several gardens.

epcot construction 5106
epcot construction 5113

The name CommuniCore is a reference to two pavilions that were part of EPCOT on opening day. They were later reimagined into Innoventions, before eventually being demolished. The new CommuniCore Hall and Plaza will serve as a multi-functional space that will be used during the park’s various festivals. The hall will be home to a Mickey & Friends meet and greet, a demo kitchen, a mixology bar, a gallery space, and more.

World Nature & Journey of Water

epcot construction 5110

These World Nature restrooms closed in April 2022. The tiles on the wall of the entrance were torn out and surprisingly, a wall with one door now blocks the entrance.

epcot construction 5112
epcot construction 5114

The restrooms are next to Journey of Water, Inspired by “Moana,” which has come a long way in the past few months. Themed canopies now shade part of the sidewalk and some lanterns have been added to the tree-like posts.

epcot construction 5115

The posts have curved branches at their tops. They were previously wrapped in protective plastic.

epcot construction 5116

The wicker lanterns are rounded with red stripes.

epcot construction 5117

Palm trees and other plants have also been added to the attraction, starting to block the Te Fiti statue from view.

epcot construction 5118

A wire frame shows us where a sidewalk will soon be paved.

epcot construction 5119

Some of the lampposts remain wrapped in plastic until they’re ready to be completed.

epcot construction 5120

The concrete wall behind the main rock structure is still exposed. This is where guests will enter the attraction, immediately seeing the swirl symbol of Te Fiti with water running over it.

epcot construction 5121

The fake rocks are decorated with moss and small flowers.

epcot construction 5122
epcot construction 5129

These two awnings cover stations for the water features of Journey of Water Inspired by “Moana.”

epcot construction 5131

Behind Journey of Water is a sidewalk leading to a courtyard directly behind Spaceship Earth.

epcot construction 5133

This is approximately where Dreamer’s Point with a new Walt Disney statue will be.

epcot construction 5134

What are you most looking forward to opening at EPCOT? Let us know in the comments!

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