Disney100 Decades 1920s Mickey Mouse Steamboat Willie Ear Headband Now Available at Walt Disney World

Last week we gave you a sneak peek at the upcoming Disney100 Decades collection. The first in the series of ten, the 1920s featuring Mickey Mouse as Steamboat Willie, was released earlier this week.

We found this Mickey Mouse Steamboat Willie Ear Headband at Bayview Gifts at Disney’s Contemporary Resort. It is also available for sale on shopDisney.com.

Mickey Mouse Steamboat Willie Ear Headband for Adults – Disney100 – Series 1 of 10 – $39.99

Steamboat Willie Ears Disney100 1(1)

Reflecting this 1928 animated short, the ears are in black and white with Mickey Mouse and Pete on the front of the ears.

Steamboat Willie Ears Disney100 12(1)

The front of the ears features Mickey Mouse at the wheel on one ear and Pete confronting Mickey on the opposite ear. The edges of the ears and headband trimmed in white twisted nautical cording.

Steamboat Willie Ears Disney100 11(1)

Both ears are generously padded in twill. On this ear, Mickey is at the wheel of the steam river sidewheeler whistling Steamboat Bill. The black and white image is silkscreened onto the fabric.

The ear headband also includes various 3-D elements. As he is whistling, above Mickey is a 3-D musical note, and behind him is a 3-D life preserver.

Steamboat Willie Ears Disney100 10(1)

The opposite ear has another well-known scene from the animated short, Pete, the actual captain, face-to-face with Mickey on the bridge of the steamboat. The 3-D musical note and life preserver are also on this ear.

Steamboat Willie Ears Disney1003(1)

The ears on the back of the headband are also decorated. One side features Mickey in the middle of a life preserver. The opposite ear has a silkscreened image of the steamboat with 3-D musical notes rising from the boat.

Steamboat Willie Ears Disney10017
Steamboat Willie Ears Disney100 14(1)

Black twill covers the outside of the headband. A “Disney100 Decades” tag is attached to the back.

Steamboat Willie Ears Disney100 13(1)

Non-slip black velour covers the inside of the headband keeping it secure on the head. This headband, which measures 11 1/4” H x 8 1/2” W x 1 1/2” D, will fit most adult heads.

Steamboat Willie Ears Disney100 4(1)

The back of the “Disney100 Series” tag states the number of the collection in the series.

Steamboat Willie Ears Disney100 15(1)

On one side of the headband is a ”platinum” finish metal ”Disney100 Decades” logo plate.

Steamboat Willie Ears Disney100 6(1)
Steamboat Willie Ears Disney100 5(1)

A hangtag describes what the Decades collection is, as well as information about the specific collection. Mickey Mouse and Pete debuted in Hollywood’s first ”talkie” cartoon, Walt Disney’s “Steamboat Willie,” on November 18, 1928.

Other items in the collection include a Disney100 Decades Collection “Steamboat Willie” MagicBand+, a Disney100 Decades Collection “Steamboat Willie” Loungefly Mini Backpack, a Disney100 Decades Collection “Steamboat Willie” Limited Release Pin, Disney100 Decades Collection “Steamboat Willie” Mickey & Minnie Plush Set, and a Disney100 Decades Collection “Steamboat Willie” Musical Boat.

The Disney100 1930s Decades Collection, which will be released on March 20, is inspired by “The Band Concert.”

Are you excited to see this Decades Collection start rolling out monthly? Let us know in the comments.

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