More Disney100 Collectible Medallions Available Throughout Disneyland Resort

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More Disney100 Collectible Medallions Available Throughout Disneyland Resort

Shannen Ace

Updated on:

More Disney100 Collectible Medallions Available Throughout Disneyland Resort

UPDATE: Some of these designs were replaced with new Disney100 medallions in August 2023.

More platinum 100th anniversary collectible medallions have arrived at Disneyland Resort for the 100 Years of Wonder celebration. Each medallion is $6 or guests can purchase all four medallions in a machine for $20.

Disney California Adventure

Kingswell Camera Shop

100th anniversary medallions 6881

Each machine has four medallion designs featuring various iconic characters.

100th anniversary medallions 6882

This machine throws things back to the early days of Walt Disney Animation Studios with medallions featuring Mickey in “Steamboat Willie,” Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, and Minnie in her original polka-dot skirt and flower hat. The fourth medallion depicts the Storytellers statue of Walt Disney with Mickey.

100th anniversary medallions 6883

Each design also includes the Disney 100 Years of Wonder logo.

100th anniversary medallions 6884
100th anniversary medallions 6885
100th anniversary medallions 6886
100th anniversary medallions 6887

Platinum is the main color of the celebration.

100th anniversary medallions 6888
100th anniversary medallions 6890
100th anniversary medallions 6892
100th anniversary medallions 6891

Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff

100th anniversary medallions 6898

Outside Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff, the medallion machine has Pixar designs.

100th anniversary medallions 6894

The featured characters are Woody and Buzz; Joy, Sadness, and Bing Bong; Joe Gardner and 22 (in cat and human forms); and Miguel and Dante.

100th anniversary medallions 6895
100th anniversary medallions 6896
100th anniversary medallions 6897

These designs have since been replaced with new Pixar designs.

The Collector’s Warehouse

disney100 marvel medallions 133454

The Collector is sharing some of his collection with guests thanks to this medallion machine.

disney100 marvel medallions 133458

It has four Marvel designs, each featuring a different hero: adult Groot, T’Challa’s Black Panther, Steve Rogers’ Captain America, and Spider-Man.

disney100 marvel medallions 133500
disney100 marvel medallions 133502
disney100 marvel medallions 133504
disney100 marvel medallions 133510
disney100 marvel medallions 133512
disney100 marvel medallions 133515
disney100 marvel medallions 133518


Penny Arcade

100th anniversary medallions 6743

In the Penny Arcade at Disneyland, the four designs feature Mickey and friends in their 100th anniversary outfits.

100th anniversary medallions 6746

The characters are paired together: Mickey and Minnie, Donald and Daisy, Goofy and Pluto, Chip ‘n’ Dale.

100th anniversary medallions 6745
100th anniversary medallions 6744
100th anniversary medallions 6752
100th anniversary medallions 6751
100th anniversary medallions 6747

Downtown Disney District

As of August 2023, both World of Disney machines now have new Disney Princess and Villain designs.

World of Disney

disney100 collectible medallions 121836

There are two collectible medallion machines in World of Disney.

disney100 collectible medallions 121843

This first one features some Disney Princesses and animal friends: Anna and Elsa, Jasmine and Rajah, Snow White and her animal friends, and Mulan and Mushu.

disney100 collectible medallions 121846
disney100 collectible medallions 121848
disney100 collectible medallions 121851
disney100 collectible medallions 121856
disney100 collectible medallions 121859
disney100 collectible medallions 121901
disney100 collectible medallions 121902
disney100 collectible medallions 122034

This machine has various classic animated Disney characters.

disney100 collectible medallions 122038

Bruno and Mirabel are with a rat and butterfly on one medallion.

disney100 collectible medallions 122041

Lilo and Stitch ride a rocketship together.

disney100 collectible medallions 122044

Simba, Pumbaa, and Timon are walking across a log on the third medallion, while the fourth features Tinker Bell, Wendy, and Peter Pan flying.

disney100 collectible medallions 122046
disney100 collectible medallions 122050
disney100 collectible medallions 122052
disney100 collectible medallions 122054
disney100 collectible medallions 122056

Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel

disney100 collectible medallions pph 124133

Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel is being transformed into Disney’s Pixar Place Hotel, so it’s appropriate that its medallion machine includes Pixar medallions.

disney100 collectible medallions pph 124140
disney100 collectible medallions pph 124143
disney100 collectible medallions pph 124146

The featured characters are WALL-E and EVE, Nemo and Dory, the Incredibles, and the iconic Pixar lamp and Luxo ball.

disney100 collectible medallions pph 124148
disney100 collectible medallions pph 124151
disney100 collectible medallions pph 124153
disney100 collectible medallions pph 124155
disney100 collectible medallions pph 124157

Right now, there is a total of 44 designs available. A machine is coming soon to Star Wars Trading Post, too. Designs will then rotate throughout the year until 100 total designs have been released.

A much larger Disney 100 Years of Wonder medallion has been erected above the entrance to Disney California Adventure while another can be found inside the park near the Storytellers statueMore decorative medallions can be found amidst the centennial decor inside much of Disney California Adventure.

For guests wanting to collect all of the Disney 100 Years of Wonder collectible platinum medallions, a souvenir medallion book will be available at Disneyland Resort soon. We got our first look at the collector’s book at Walt Disney World.

Will you be searching for all the Disney100 collectible medallions to commemorate 100 Years of Wonder? Let us know which medallion is first on your list in the comments below.

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