PHOTOS: Scaffolds Installed in Flume, More Queue Disassembly Spotted at Splash Mountain for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Conversion in Magic Kingdom

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PHOTOS: Scaffolds Installed in Flume, More Queue Disassembly Spotted at Splash Mountain for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Conversion in Magic Kingdom

It looks like workers are digging a little deeper as work continues to transform Splash Mountain into Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. No sooner did guests take their last ride on this beloved attraction last month, construction workers descended upon it to begin preparations for its transformation.

Splash Mountain update 1(1)

Scaffolding bridges have been put up at the hairpin turn after the final drop, and construction workers have been observed working on the entrance to the riverboat scene, the final scene of the former attraction.

Splash Mountain update6(1)

From this view, it is also easy to see that the trough the ride vehicles traveled in has been drained and already looks bone-dry.

Splash Mountain makeover8(1)
Splash Mountain makeover9(1)
Splash Mountain makeover20(1)
Splash Mountain makeover21(1)
Splash Mountain makeover23(1)

Looking up at the top of the final drop, a large black draping has been placed over the top of the track. It’s unclear if this might be a safety precaution or something else.

Splash Mountain makeover261

At the bottom of the drop, some of the metal track still remains, but a large section of it has been removed.

2Splash Mountain makeover71
Splash Mountain makeover331
Splash Mountain makeover341

As we reported last week, a large hole has been cut into the rockwork. At the time, we were not sure if this was the start of rockwork demolition or an access point to the ride system. Now we can see that a wire meshing has been placed over the hole and it extends a couple of feet on either side.

3Splash Mountain makeover61
3Splash Mountain makeover81
Splash Mountain makeover411
Splash Mountain makeover521
Splash Mountain makeover511

To the right of the metal plate in the trough, the orange reference markings noted in a previous story are still present.

Splash Mountain makeover531
Splash Mountain makeover541
Splash Mountain makeover551
Splash Mountain makeover561
Splash Mountain makeover571
Splash Mountain makeover591

Yesterday, we reported that more Tiana theming has been appearing throughout the attraction. Placed on the construction walls, which resemble crates, are signs advertising Tiana’s Foods. The yellow, green, and purple signs state that Tiana’s Foods – Employee Owned – Coming Soon! This is all in support of the attraction’s backstory.

Splash Mountain makeover581

In this photo, we can still see what the façade of the attraction still looks like. However, in the photo below – based on the model of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure – the tree, at the top of Chickapin Hill – has also been removed. The branches and thorns will also be removed at some point and replaced with landscaping more befitting of the bayou.

tianas bayou adventure scale model 0210
Splash Mountain makeover601

Despite the removal of increasing portions of Splash Mountain, there is still a substantial amount of the attraction remaining.

Splash Mountain makeover611

The attraction sign, at the entrance, along with the Lighting Lane and Standby Entrance signs is still visible over the construction walls.

Splash Mountain makeover621
Splash Mountain makeover631

The statue of Br’er Bear and Br’er Rabbit, which is in front of the Frontierland Train Station bridge, can be seen peeking out from the construction walls. Br’er Fox is too low and is hidden behind the walls.

Splash Mountain makeover651

It won’t be long before the last of Splash Mountain’s signs and decor disappear. If you’re looking to get a last look and a few photos, now would be the time before the go. Possibly the next time you’ll be able to see any remnants of this attraction will be at a D23 Expo or traveling Disney exhibit, if at all.

Splash Mountain makeover661
Splash Mountain makeover671

As seen in the model below, when Tiana’s Bayou Adventure opens guests will see a large water tower to the right as they look at the attraction. The ironwork on top of the water tower is reminiscent of Tiana’s lilypad crown.

tianas bayou adventure scale model 0189
Splash Mountain transform 21
Splash Mountain transform 11

Yesterday, we saw the crane fully extended behind the attraction. Today, we noticed that it is down.

Splash Mt sign birdhouse queue 11
Splash Mt sign birdhouse queue31

A brief inspection of the previous queue showed that the charming birdhouses hanging from the trees are no longer present. The “Br’er Fox Wanted” sign has also been taken down. The photo below displays what was there previously.

Splash Mt sign birdhouse queue before1
tianas bayou adventure scale model 0223

In this scale model of the upcoming attraction, we can see what the queue will possibly look like. It appears to have the same layout, but with appropriate theming.

tianas bayou adventure scale model 0224
tianas bayou adventure scale model 0221
tianas bayou adventure scale model 0222
Splash Mt queue 11

It also looks like workers were also busy taking apart the inside of the current queue.

Splash Mt queue21
Splash Mt queue31
Splash Mt queue41
Splash Mt queue sign61
Splash Mt queue sign71

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure will open in late 2024.

Are you looking forward to Tiana’s Bayou Adventure? Let us know in the comments below.

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