PHOTO REPORT: Disney’s Hollywood Studios & Disney Springs 2/12/23 (Special Droid Depot Box Recycling Bin, New Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway Pin, & More)

It’s time to take our Sunday Stroll! Join us for a trip through Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney Springs, and a few resorts, finding new merchandise, a special new recycling bin for Droid Depot boxes, and more. Let’s get going!

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It’s Super Bowl Sunday, and the park seems a bit quieter than usual. Maybe guests are preparing for the big game.

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A new “Avatar” themed digital watch cover is now available at the Darkroom.

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At Once Upon A Time we found a new shell accent light and a new “The Little Mermaid” shell pillow. The accent light seems overpriced at $79.99.

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New Hollywood Tower Hotel phone cases can be found at Rock Around the Shop. We recently found these, amongst other designs, on the maDe Kiosks.

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“Best Date Night Ever,” we beg to differ. A new Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway open edition pin at Shop ‘n’ Roll.

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Fantasmic! is back to two shows per night.

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The Hollywood Brown Derby is still missing its neon signage. We are hoping it returns soon.

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It’s all sunshine in Toy Story Land. We did a quick check-in at Roundup Rodeo BBQ and found no new changes. The new family-style restaurant opens on March 23, 2023.

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Droid Depot boxes can now be recycled! You can drop your unwanted boxes in this new recycling bin.

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Everyone wave goodbye to Gertie! Let’s hop onto the Disney Skyliner and explore some of the resorts.

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First stop is Disney’s Art of Animation. It looks like crews are still working on refurbishing the exterior of the resort.

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If you need a quick gift for your Valentine, don’t worry, because Ink & Paint shop has you covered. Long stemmed roses are on sale for $9 each. There is a hidden gift on these flowers as well. Do you see it?

disneyquest logo flower paper 0759

It’s the DisneyQuest logo! The long-gone attraction has been resurrected on the paper of these flowers.

mickey band concert magicband dooney 0752

A new Limited Edition Dooney & Bourke MagicBand featuring Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse The Band Concert. This MagicBand is part of the coming soon hang bag collection.

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mickey band concert magicband dooney 0747

The MagicBand features character from the film, including Mickey Mouse as the conductor, Donald Duck playing the flute, and Paddy Pig playing the tuba.

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It is Limited Edition of 2,620.

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Across Hour Glass lake at Disney’s Pop Century Resort, we found a new spirit jersey. This Wakanda Forever spirit jersey is $79.99 and located at Everything POP Shop.

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We head over to Disney Springs for even more shopping. This first thing we noticed is the new posters hanging from the AMC theatres. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania debuts on February 17. Are you excited to see it? You can watch the trailer here.

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New open edition attraction pins can be found at Pin Traders. We found a new “it’s a small world” pin featuring Mickey and Minnie in an attraction boat admiring the ride.

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We also found two new Soarin’ Around the World pins. The pin on the left is set on a pair of pilot’s wings, while Pilot Mickey is on the other.

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“Chillin'” is exactly what we do at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon. This new pin depicts Stitch with a pineapple drink and Typhoon Tilly in the background.

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Cartoonified Star Wars characters has found their way onto this new water bottle.

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“This is the way.” New Mandalorian sketch art apparel, and travel mug, have arrived at Star Wars Galactic Outpost.

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We also saw this new Hoth ball cap.

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“I want to be where the people are.” Then you need to visit World of Disney on a weekend. At World of Disney we found a new vintage styled Mickey Mouse cup.

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Then we saw these new Ariel scrunchies.

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And finally, we found four new compact mirrors. These mirrors are very heavy and sealed. So buyer beware because you won’t know if you get a broken mirror.

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If you can’t think of anything to get your Valentine, why not gift them a year subscription to Disney+. We’ll let you think on that one. Thanks for joining us today, and we’ll see ya real soon!

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