PHOTOS: The Dress Shop Moves Back Into Marketplace Co-Op at Disney Springs

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PHOTOS: The Dress Shop Moves Back Into Marketplace Co-Op at Disney Springs

Just like the dinosaurs, the National Geographic store at Disney Springs is now extinct. We visited Disney Springs and found the former outdoor clothing, accessories, and science toy shop is completely gone, and The Dress Shop has moved back into the space.

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The NatGeo shop opened in Marketplace Co-Op this past October, and not only did the shop carry a wide assortment of merchandise, but various collections that could also be found throughout the Walt Disney World resort.

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The Dress Shop, which has moved around Marketplace Co-Op a few times, carries the titular dresses, as well as jewelry, men’s apparel, fragrances, and Dooney & Bourke bags.

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Her Universe presents a Cinderella-inspired dress featuring a diamond-patterned belt with orange trim. The blue sweater features the iconic Cinderella Castle in white with Tinker Bell soaring overhead.

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Although it is The Dress Shop, only plain Marketplace Co-Op signs hang above the entrances for now.

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A piece of faux greenery with a neon sign reading “This is where the magic happens” is mounted in one display case, over a fake white brick background.

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The teal blue and gold Princess Jasmine dress released last year is still available.

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For those who are fans of Disneyland’s Matterhorn Bobsleds, this Matterhorn-inspired dress is a contemporary twist on the traditional dirndl worn by women and girls in the German-speaking Alps.

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In addition to the Matterhorn-inspired dress, a fun knit, green Matterhorn-inspired shirt is available for men. Next to that, is a pear-colored ear headband with a coordinating plaid bow.

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Here is a delicate soft pink dress, inspired by the iconic Disney Park carousels. The pink underskirt is adorned with a white circular design, created from the same sheer material, showcasing a complete carousel with horses and flags.

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Alongside the Disney carousels dress is the Disney carousels Loungefly handbag.

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Here is a display of some princesses-themed beauty products including lines inspired by Snow White and Princess Jasmine.

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A Mickey Mouse-themed denim collection featuring jeans, jackets, shirts, blouses, and dresses is also available.

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The store showcases the latest collection of Fantasyland Dooney & Bourke bags that recently arrived at Walt Disney World. These bags boast both the Disneyland and Walt Disney World logos and attractions.

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There is also an extensive assortment of Disney Sketch Bags by Dooney & Bourke.

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Are you disappointed the NatGeo shop has closed or happy to see The Dress Shop has moved back in? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. NatGeo probably bombed in sales so they needed to be replaced quickly. Case in point: Many items were 40% off around Christmas time. The Lion King store in Animal Kingdom yesterday had NatGeo items all 50% off. I imagine that they will find their way to the Disney outlet locations very soon.

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