New Princess Jasmine Dress Debuts at Walt Disney World

A new Princess Jasmine dress by the Disney Dress Shop is available in Uptown Jewelers at the Magic Kingdom. “Aladdin” is celebrating its 30th anniversary, and this dress is the latest in a large series of new merchandise.

Princess Jasmine Dress – $128

WDW MK Jasmine Dress 2
WDW MK Jasmine Dress 3

The new blue dress takes inspiration from Princess Jasmine. Rather than being directly based on her iconic light blue costume which comes in two pieces, this dress is all one piece in a darker blue..

WDW MK Jasmine Dress 4
WDW MK Jasmine Dress 5
WDW MK Jasmine Dress 8

Jasmine flowers dot the sleeves in gold.

WDW MK Jasmine Dress 6

The collar has a lotus flower surrounded by ornamental leaf designs, also in gold.

WDW MK Jasmine Dress 9

An elastic waist at the center is covered by frilly fabric in the same color as the rest of the dress.

WDW MK Jasmine Dress 11
WDW MK Jasmine Dress 12

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