Walkway Between the Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort Now Closed Due to Construction, Work Continues on Narcoosee’s

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Grand Flo construction update

Walkway Between the Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort Now Closed Due to Construction, Work Continues on Narcoosee’s

To prevent guests from walking through a construction zone, Disney has now closed the walkway between the Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort. We visited the resort to see how construction was coming along on the resort and on Narcoosee’s restaurant.

The Grand Floridian walkway from the Magic Kingdom

Starting today and until further notice, the walkway connecting Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa will be unavailable for guests. As you exit Magic Kingdom, you will encounter an A-frame signboard at the pathway’s entrance on your right-hand side.

Grand Flo construction update
Grand Flo construction update

The sign reads:

The path between Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa and Magic Kingdom Park is temporarily closed.

We recommend you use monorail or watercraft transportation to gain access to the Resort.

Grand Flo consturction updates91

Upon arriving at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, guests are greeted with a trio of signs giving them all sorts of directions and information.

The sign on the immediate left points guests to either the pool entrance or the boat launch to the Magic Kingdom. The middle sign instructs visitors that wish to take a boat to the Magic Kingdom to head towards Building 8 – Boca Chica and Building 9 – Big Pine Key. The sign on the right has the same language about the path being closed only this time it’s from the Resort to the Magic Kingdom.

Grand Flo consturction updates111
Grand Flo consturction updates121

In the distance, you can see another sign notifying guests of the path closure along with green barricades blocking the entrance.

Grand Flo consturction updates131
Grand Flo construction updates15(1)

Work continues on the Sugarloaf building. Here we can see scaffolding covering one side of the building.

Grand Flo construction updates15(1)
Grand Flo construction updates16(1)

The stairwell on one side of the building has been completely removed leaving large openings. Only the doors leading into the building remain.

Grand Flo consturction updates17(1)
Grand Flo consturction updates18(1)

A new stairwell will eventually replace the old one.

Grand Flo consturction updates19(1)
GrandFlo construction monorail view 1(1)

We decided to hop on the monorail to get a bird’s eye view of the ongoing construction.

Grand Flo construction update

Here we can see what’s been going on behind the large, white construction walls. Workers seem to be using the area as a walkway and a space to bring in materials for the extensive remodel.

GrandFlo construction monorail view7(1)

Here, alongside the Sago Cay building, we can see construction workers bringing in what looks like additional white walls for the construction barricade.

GrandFlo construction monorail view8(1)
GrandFlo construction monorail view6(1)
Grand Flo construction update


Narcooses construction10(1)

Work continues over at Narcoosee’s restaurant, the waterfront restaurant at the resort. Last April, we reported that Disney stated the restaurant would be closed starting June 18, 2022, for an extended refurbishment. However, in June 2022, the restaurant was still open. Disney then stated that the restaurant would close on July 14, 2022.

Narcoosee’s did indeed close last July and has remained closed.

Narcooses construction6(1)

According to the Walt Disney World website, Narcoossee’s will remain closed until sometime next year. When the restaurant reopens, Disney states that guests will enjoy an “enhanced table-service experience.”

Narcooses construction9(1)

Today, we see construction workers on the roof of the entrance to the restaurant.

Narcooses construction8(1)

All the terracotta-colored tiles on the roof have been removed and are being replaced.

Narcoosee roof construction

To the right of the entrance, we can see the main dining room. The roof of the main dining room recently underwent a complete overhaul with new black waterproof sheeting and new shingles now cover the roof.

Narcooses construction4(1)
Narcooses construction5(1)
Narcooses construction 1(1)
Narcooses construction3(1)

Guests looking for a sit-down dining experience can visit Victoria & Albert’s, which reopened last July after a reimagining. In addition, Cítricos, which also underwent an overhaul of its own last year, receiving a “Mary Poppins” theme and new menu items, will be open seven days a week for guests.

Has the construction at Disney’s Grand Floridan Resort & Spa caused you any inconvenience? Let us know in the comments below.

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