PHOTOS: Scaffolding Removed From Space Mountain Spires at Magic Kingdom

Scaffolding has been removed from Space Mountain’s spires in Magic Kingdom, and rooftop cleaning has seemingly been completed in preparation for the opening of TRON Lightcycle / Run.

Space Mountain no scaffolding clean roof

Space Mountain Façade Refurbishment

The scaffolding around the Space Mountain rooftop spires have now all been removed as the opening of TRON Lightcycle / Run nears on April 4. Disney has been cleaning the Space Mountain roof exterior since January as they complete the construction for TRON Lightcycle / Run and its surrounding area. We have been following along with the refurbishment while keeping you updated on the changes made to the surrounding area.

Space Mountain no scaffolding clean roof tall spire

Scaffolding was installed in early February around the Space Mountain spires as cleaning and repainting continued on the attraction’s roof.

The scaffolding surrounding the large spires was recently removed, but the smaller spires remained covered.

Space Mountain no scaffolding clean roof short spire

The smaller spires are no longer surrounded by scaffolding, and the work on Space Mountain’s rooftop appears to be complete.

Disney has been making some changes to the surrounding area of the new attraction, TRON / Lightcycle Run, as it prepares for its grand opening next month.

In addition to the maintenance work completed on Space Mountain, a name change and retheming have been made to the classic attraction’s neighboring shop, and a new food stand has been added.

Tomorrowland Launch Depot

Formerly known as Tomorrowland’s Light & Power Co., the shop next to Space Mountain has officially been renamed as part of the updates made to this area. The new name for this shop is Tomorrowland Launch Depot. The1994 Tomorrowland decorative exterior cogs and steampunk style have been replaced with a sleek streamlined facade. The original tower art underneath the clock has been replaced with a mural of Tomorrowland attractions past and present.

WDW MK Tomorrowland Launch Depot 9

The shop formerly sold Space Mountain themed merchandise and featured a D-tech on demand counter for the customization of MagicBands, phone cases, and other items. While it is uncertain if these items will continue to be sold at the shop, new merchandise has been revealed. The new shop will sell unique TRON themed items, including Loungefly backpacks, t-shirts, toys, and light-up clothing and accessories.

tomorrowland launch depot

Another shop entrance will be located in the back, making it easily accessible for guests exiting the TRON Lightcycle / Run attraction.

Tron identity action figure

Tomorrowland Launch Depot will offer guests the opportunity to experience the TRON Identity Program. Guests who purchase the special action figure can customize its unique identity chip and use it to interact with other TRON toys and merchandise. The Tron Identity Program action figures will be priced at $89.99.

Energy Bytes

Disney recently revealed all the details surrounding the new snack stand, called Energy Bytes, located near the entrance of the new TRON / Lightcycle RUN attraction and Space Mountain.

TRON energy bytes 4

Unique sweet and savory snacks will be available at this food stand, including dumplings, donut holes, mochi ice cream, and a frozen watermelon refresher. These snacks will be sold for under $10. The full price list, with photos, is available here.

With so many new things to see, will you be visiting Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom anytime soon? Let us know in the comments below.

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