PHOTOS: Refillable Mug Featuring Ice Gator, Buttons and Duncan Available at Typhoon Lagoon

Lisa Stump

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PHOTOS: Refillable Mug Featuring Ice Gator, Buttons and Duncan Available at Typhoon Lagoon

Lisa Stump

Updated on:

PHOTOS: Refillable Mug Featuring Ice Gator, Buttons and Duncan Available at Typhoon Lagoon

A new one-day water park refillable mug is available at Typhoon Lagoon. It pictures three different original water park characters as well as Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Let’s take a look.

New One-Day Water Park Refillable Mug $12.99

A sign for one day water park refillable mug featuring water park characters like Ice Gator, Buttons and Duncan the Parrot

This mug is $12.99 for one day of use. It can be reactivated for $8.50 for an additional day.

Several mugs are displayed featuring water park characters

The mugs feature a green lid, carrying handle, and bendy straw.

A close-up showing the new water park character mug

Mickey Mouse smiles in his summery swim trunks atop a sparkling turquoise background.

Typhoon Lagoon Refillable Mug 3

Minnie Mouse relaxes with heart-shaped shades and a red hibiscus flower tucked behind her ear. We think she looks adorable.

Ice Gator

A new refillable mug featuring the park's mascots is available at Typhoon Lagoon.

Three park-original characters are also featured on this mug, which we thought was a great addition. Pictured here is Ice Gator from Blizzard Beach. He’s sporting an inner tube, a striped scarf and a Santa hat. He looks ready for action.

Ice Gator is a blue alligator who is known for his love of snow and ice. According to the park’s backstory, Ice Gator was a resident of the Florida swamps who stumbled upon Blizzard Beach during a particularly cold winter. He was so enamored with the snow and ice that he decided to stay and make the park his home. His presence in the parks has been diminished over the years, but it’s always good to see him again.


Typhoon Lagoon Refillable Mug 5

Buttons, the youngest member of the snowman family near the Blizzard Beach entrance, also gets a spot on this mug. She has her little arms stretched out and a big grin on her face. She’s sporting her pink overalls with yellow buttons. While other Disney snowmen have surged in popularity in recent years, Buttons continues to delight guests at Blizzard Beach.

Snowflakes, tropical leaves, and additional hibiscus flowers pattern the background.

Buttons the snowman with snowman parents

Here’s a picture of Buttons at the park. This is a fan-favorite spot for taking photos.


Typhoon Lagoon Refillable Mug 7

Last is Duncan, the parrot from the attraction Miss Adventure Falls at Typhoon Lagoon. This family-friendly raft ride entertains guests with a story about another water park character, Captain Mary Oceaneer and her pet parrot, Duncan.

In the queue for this attraction, this poem describes the story of Captain Mary Oceaneer and Duncan:

Captain Mary and her parrot

Dove for treasure hoping to share it

As they were hauling their riches to port

A typhoon struck and cut their trip short!

Mary Oceaneer is a fictional character created by Disney as a member of the Society of Explorers and Adventurers. She was originally developed for Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon as the owner of the Miss Adventure Falls attraction. She is known for her adventurous spirit, love of exploration, and passion for discovering new things. Take a look at our ride through video below:

Duncan is a sidekick character in the Typhoon Lagoon story alongside Mary Oceaneer. He is a blue bird who is often seen accompanying Mary. Duncan is known for his mischievous personality and playful antics, which often add a sense of humor to Mary’s expeditions. While he may not be as prominent of a character as Mary Oceaneer, Duncan has become a fan favorite among Disney park-goers and is often seen as a lovable and charming addition to the Typhoon Lagoon experience.

While the mug features characters from both water parks, Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach have not been open simultaneously since before the 2020 closure for the COVID 10 pandemic. Blizzard Beach closed in March of 2023 for refurbishment.

Typhoon Lagoon sand pail 3

We also spotted these characters on a new Sand Pail Sundae. Check out our full review here.

Will you be stopping by Typhoon Lagoon to pick up this refillable mug? Which character is your favorite? We’d like to read about it in the comments below.

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