New 1970s Disney100 Decades ‘The Aristocats’ Ear Headband, Muppets Loungefly, and Rescuers Plush at Walt Disney World

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New 1970s Disney100 Decades ‘The Aristocats’ Ear Headband, Muppets Loungefly, and Rescuers Plush at Walt Disney World

The 1970s Disney100 Decades collection has arrived at Walt Disney World and we found the first few items at Discovery Trading Co. in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. This collection celebrates Disney media released in the 1970s, and features “The Aristocats,” “The Rescuers,” and the Muppets.

1970s disney eras wdw 2681

We also spotted the collection in Big Top Souvenirs at Magic Kingdom.

“The Aristocats” Ear Headband – $39.99

The Aristocats Ear Headband

This mouse ear headband is covered in pink fabric.

1970s disney eras wdw 2650

Instead of a bow, a metal piece between the ears depicts Duchess and Thomas O’Malley dancing together.

1970s disney eras wdw 2651 1

The ears themselves are covered in translucent sequins, offering an extra shine to the images printed on the fabric behind them. This ear features Billy Boss playing the double bass.

1970s disney eras wdw 2652 1

The other ear shows Scat Cat grooving on his trumpet.

1970s disney eras wdw 2653

A silver Disney100 Decades plaque is sewn onto the side of the headband.

1970s disney eras wdw 2654

On the back, Marie is enjoying the music on one sequined ear.

1970s disney eras wdw 2655

The ears have braided gold rope edges.

1970s disney eras wdw 2656

Toulouse and Berlioz are on the back of the other ear.

1970s disney eras wdw 2657

The other side of the headband features two black music notes.

Dr. Teeth & The Electric Mayhem Loungefly Mini Backpack – $88

1970s disney eras wdw 2658

In honor of their 1975 debut on “The Muppet Show” pilot, this Loungefly mini backpack features Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem. The members of the band are pictured above a circular pocket featuring red lips — just like Animal’s drumset.

1970s disney eras wdw 2659

The background is a colorful hippie design featuring piano keys, flowers, and stars.

1970s disney eras wdw 2660

Yellow fringe hangs over the green side pockets.

1970s disney eras wdw 2661

A light blue Disney and Loungefly plaque is on one side pocket.

1970s disney eras wdw 2666
1970s disney eras wdw 2662

The top and back of the bag are solid purple. A more muted purple lines the pockets and zippers, and is the color of the straps.

1970s disney eras wdw 2663

The neon logo of Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem is on the back.

1970s disney eras wdw 2668

The interior lining is yellow and patterned with images of the band, plus stars and flowers.

The Rescuers Plush Set – $34.99

1970s disney eras wdw 2675

This set includes plush of Miss Bianca, Bernard, and Evinrude. The mice are riding the leaf boat steered by the dragonfly.

1970s disney eras wdw 2676

Miss Bianca is wearing her fluffy purple hat and matching silk bow, while Bernard is in a red cap and sweater.

1970s disney eras wdw 2677
1970s disney eras wdw 2678
1970s disney eras wdw 2679
1970s disney eras wdw 2672

The plush come in a Disney100 Decades-branded dust bag.

Limited Release “Pete’s Dragon” Pin Set – $34.99

1970s petes dragon pins 2848

This set includes three pins of Elliott from “Pete’s Dragon.” Two of the pins are circular with his face at the center, while the third is shaped like his full body.

1970s petes dragon pins 2849

The 1970s Disney100 Decades collection will also include a limited edition “Robin Hood” MagicBand+.

Disney100 Decades Collection So Far

The Disney100 Decades Collection is making its way from Disney’s beginnings in the 1920s all the way to the 2010s. New merchandise for the line is being released about once a month.

The first of the Disney100 Decades Collections was the 1920s series inspired by “Steamboat Willie.”

The 1930s Disney100 Decades Collection featured merch inspired by “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” “The Band Concert,” and more classic characters.

The 1940s collection was inspired by “Pinocchio,” “Fantasia,” “Dumbo,” and Scrooge McDuck.

The 1950s collection focused on Goofy, “Alice in Wonderland,” “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea,” and of course, “Cinderella.”

The 1960s collection included “The Jungle Book,” “101 Dalmatians,” and “The Sword in the Stone” merch.

Disney100 Decades Collection Upcoming

Disney has released hints for each of the other remaining decades in the line. Let’s take a look at each one.

1980s collection

The 1980s will make use of “Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers.” This was an animated television series produced by Walt Disney Television Animation. Created by Tad Stones and Alan Zaslove, it featured Chip ‘n’ Dale in a new setting. The series premiered on The Disney Channel on March 4, 1989.

The Mickey Mouse Club and Donald Duck also look to be part of this collection, though Donald Duck was created in 1934.

1990s collection

The 1990s merchandise will debut selections for “Beauty and the Beast” and “Darkwing Duck.”

“Darkwing Duck” was a television series produced by Disney Television Animation. This show first aired from 1991 to 1992 on both The Disney Afternoon as well as on Saturday mornings on ABC.

2000s collection

Bolt and Princess Tiana from “The Princess and the Frog” will be featured for the 2000s line. Check out our latest update on construction for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure here.

2010s collection

The last segment of this merchandise line is meant to cover the 2010s, and looks to feature “Frozen” characters as well as “Toy Story” favorites.

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