VIDEO: Aft Section of Disney Treasure Tugged to Papenburg, Germany for Installation

Jonathan D

VIDEO: Aft Section of Disney Treasure Tugged to Papenburg, Germany for Installation

Jonathan D

VIDEO: Aft Section of Disney Treasure Tugged to Papenburg, Germany for Installation

The aft section of the upcoming Disney Treasure ship is headed to Meyer Werft in Papenburg, Germany — where the latest Disney Cruise Line vessel is being assembled.

Towing the Aft

YouTube channel Ems -Dollart Media posted a remarkable video of the Disney Treasure aft being towed by a tugboat under a massive drawbridge during its journey to join the rest of the future ship. Moving at a decent speed, the aft has boats at its back and front, itself resting on some sort of flatbed vessel intended for shipping.

Disney recently launched a ship’s log page to track construction of the Disney Treasure. The bridge block was installed in late June.

disney treasure construction june 2023 2 1

The aft (what’s currently being sent to the construction site) refers to the rear of the ship, which is also the location of the stern. In mid-July, Peter Pan and Captain Hook were announced as the larger-than-life character figures that would be featured on the stern of the Disney Treasure.

disney treasure stern peter pan captain hook 1

This Disney Treasure update is coming to you from sunny Celebration, Florida, the headquarters for Disney Cruise Line. Today, the Disney Cruise Line team is thrilled to be debuting an image of the ship’s stern for the very first time! For 25 years, each Disney Cruise Line ship has been adorned with characters from beloved Disney adventures. The Disney Treasure will follow this tradition with its own signature character sculptures that honor the ship’s motif of adventure, Peter Pan and Captain Hook. Harnessing the power of Tinker Bell’s pixie dust, Peter Pan will levitate next to the Disney Treasure to add the finishing touch to the ship’s stern filigree. Meanwhile, Peter Pan’s longtime rival, Captain Hook can be seen leaning out a porthole with a vengeful expression on his face. Paintbrush and paint bucket in hand, Peter Pan sports a mischievous grin as he glances back at Captain Hook, who is dripping in yellow paint.

The stern characters are always painting the ship’s filigree. Other stern icons include Rapunzel on the Disney Wish, Goofy on the Disney Magic, Donald and his nephews on the Disney Wonder, Sorcerer Mickey on the Disney Dream, and Dumbo on the Disney Fantasy. Check out our Disney Cruise Line 101 post for more about each ship.

Disney Treasure

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The adventure-themed Disney Treasure is scheduled to set sail in 2024.

Disney Treasure %E2%80%93 Grand Hall

The Treasure atrium will have a blue and gold color scheme. A golden statue near the beginning of its grand staircase will feature Aladdin and Jasmine riding the Magic Carpet as guests are welcomed to this expedition on the high seas.

minnie disney treasure adventure outfit

Captain Minnie debuted a new “Voyager” outfit for the ship. Voyager Minnie is featured on the keel coin, which was lain in March. A coin ceremony is typically observed to mark the official start of construction on a ship and bring good fortune. Voyager Minnie will also be on the Disney Treasure’s bow.

Hittchiking Ghosts Disney Treasure Disney Cruise Line Haunted Mansion Bar Lounge 1200x670 1

It’s also rumored the Disney Treasure will include a Haunted Mansion bar and lounge for the first time anywhere in the world.

With the ship’s atrium and Minnie’s new look, it seems Disney Treasure will be a significant departure from the theming of the other Disney Cruise Line ships. The Disney Wish was the first to have a Grand Hall instead of an atrium and is considered a “castle at sea,” but the fantastical, light theming is still relatively similar to previous Disney Cruise Line ships.

Are you excited to embark on a voyage with the latest Disney cruiser? Let us know in the comments.

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