PHOTOS: Detail Added to Fantasy Springs Rockwork, Hotel Entrance Dome Completed at Tokyo DisneySea

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PHOTOS: Detail Added to Fantasy Springs Rockwork, Hotel Entrance Dome Completed at Tokyo DisneySea

Tokyo DisneySea is getting a new land, Fantasy Springs, featuring areas dedicated to “Peter Pan,” “Tangled,” and “Frozen,” plus an in-park hotel. The over $2 billion expansion is the largest yet at Tokyo DisneySea and construction has been ongoing for four years.

Fantasy Springs Concept Art

Fantasy Springs Hotel

Fantasy Springs Tokyo DisneySea Hotel

The hotel is officially called the Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel and is built around the magical fountain of Fantasy Springs. Paintings inside will depict Disney princesses and nature motifs, reflecting the rest of Fantasy Springs. The hotel will be split into two categories — a Deluxe type with 419 guest rooms and a Luxury type with 56 guest rooms offering the finest lodging experience at Tokyo Disney Resort.

fantasy springs construction 4948

The hotel is the easiest part of Fantasy Springs to see from the Monorail, giving us a good idea of how far along construction is. That said, the exterior is mostly completed. The north-facing side doesn’t look any different from our October 2022 construction update.

fantasy springs construction 4949

Around the corner, however, there is still scaffolding over some of the exterior.

fantasy springs construction 4950

Through the trees, we can see the completed golden porte-cochere dome at the front of the hotel that faces outside of the park. Another golden dome is visible atop the building.

fantasy springs construction 4952

The hotel is painted with light pastel colors and accented with white. Some flower detailing at the bottom of this wall may have been a test since it’s at the back of the building.

fantasy springs construction 4953

Fantasy Springs

fantasy springs construction 4954

Next to the hotel are green show buildings. Beyond those are the mountains of Fantasy Springs.

fantasy springs construction 4955

The obvious mountains to the right in these photos are in the “Peter Pan” area. The mountains are green and brown. White clouds appear to float between the peaks thanks to steel poles that we previously saw being installed.

fantasy springs construction 4956

A rocky ridge next to the mountains is covered in scaffolding.

fantasy springs construction 4957

The two towers of gray scrims in the distance at the center of this photo appear to be in the “Frozen” area, potentially around the peaks of the North Mountain.

fantasy springs construction 4958

A tall crane towers over the “Frozen” area.

fantasy springs construction 4959

The “Tangled” area is not visible from these angles but we have concept art of each section below.

Frozen Kingdom

Fantasy Springs Tokyo DisneySea Frozen Kingdom

Frozen Kingdom includes both Arendelle and the North Mountain. It’s set between the first and second films, when Queen Elsa has embraced her magic power to control snow and ice. She has since opened the castle gates so guests can freely visit the Kingdom.

Fantasy Springs Tokyo DisneySea Frozen Kingdom Night

Frozen Kingdom will have a version of the Frozen Ever After boat ride that already exists in EPCOT and is also coming soon to Hong Kong Disneyland. There will also be a restaurant located inside Arendelle Castle.

Rapunzel’s Forest

Fantasy Springs Tokyo DisneySea Rapunzels Forest

Rapunzel’s Forest will also include a boat ride, featuring gondolas inspired by the one Rapunzel and Flynn use in “Tangled” during the lantern festival. The ride will follow the events of the scene.

Fantasy Springs Tokyo DisneySea Rapunzels Forest Day

A Tangled restaurant will be inspired by the Snuggly Duckling.

Peter Pan’s Never Land

Fantasy Springs Tokyo DisneySea Peter Pans Neverland

The large green show building we showed you above will be home to the E-ticket “Peter Pan” ride. It sounds similar to Peter Pan’s Flight at Disneyland and other parks but with big upgrades. Guests will board boats (you may notice a boat theme at Fantasy Springs) to join Peter and Wendy in saving her brothers from Captain Hook and his pirates. The boats follow the Lost Boys down a river before Tinker Bell sprinkles them with pixie dust and they begin to fly.

Fantasy Springs Tokyo DisneySea Peter Pans Neverland Day

Peter Pan’s Never Land will also house another restaurant and a Pixie Hollow attraction. At other parks, Pixie Hollow is a meet-and-greet area, but this hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Fantasy Springs Entrance

fantasy springs construction 4962

Construction of the entrance to Fantasy Springs is hard to see in these photos, but we can see moss- or grass-covered rockwork to the right side of the backstage bridge.

fantasy springs construction 4964

Guests will enter through a large structure of rocks covered in featuring magical waterfalls and carvings of characters from “Frozen,” “Tangled,” “Peter Pan,” and more Disney films.

Fantasy Springs Concept Art
Fantasy Springs Concept Art

The entrance area will have an especially magical atmosphere at night with glowing light effects.

Fantasy Springs Concept Art

Fantasy Springs will open in the spring of 2024. Check out more night and day concept art here and here.

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