New ‘Starry-O-Phonic Sound’ Space Mountain Shirt Available at Magic Kingdom

Jonathan D

New ‘Starry-O-Phonic Sound’ Space Mountain Shirt Available at Magic Kingdom

A new Space Mountain shirt has rocketed in to Magic Kingdom for all enthusiasts of this 1975 coaster classic.

Space Mountain Shirt – $39.99

This new item is available at the Tomorrowland Launch Depot, which was recently rebranded and refurbished from its old state as the Tomorrowland Light & Power Co. to serve the new TRON Lightcycle / Run roller coaster as well.

space mountain shirt

The shirt itself is black and dotted with colorful stars and bursts of green & blue. “Space Mountain” is spelled out prominently at the top, along with images of the façade, and the rocket ride vehicles that guests ride into space. These are specific to the Magic Kingdom, with single seats. Disneyland’s Space Mountain has two seats in each row. “Rocket to Space and Back” and “Now in Starry-O-Phonic Sound” are also featured texts.

“Starry-O-Phonic,” a play on stereophonic, was new audio introduced to the attraction in 2010. “Space was once a silent voice, but now, every twist and turn on your galactic journey will be accompanied by a zippy musical track, the whoosh of passing asteroids, and the rush of interstellar traffic, making your space voyage an all-encompassing cosmic joy-ride,” Disney said of the addition.

Will you be wearing this on your next launch to space? Let us know in the comments.

View our full opening day tour of the re-imagined Tomorrowland Launch Depot below:

Also check out the TRON Identity Program, an experience in which guests can create their own custom action figure.


In other Space Mountain news around the world, Tokyo Disneyland will be receiving a new version in 2027, as Walt Disney Imagineering has teased a new story that will tie in with the S.E.A. story from Tokyo DisneySea.

space mountain tunnel lights out 2 1

At Disneyland, the blue light tunnel effect is almost completely burnt out after transition back to its normal themes from the Hyperspace Mountain Star Wars overlay.

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