New 1980s Disney100 Decades ‘Rescue Rangers,’ ‘Oliver & Company,’ and Roger Rabbit Merchandise at Disneyland Resort

Shannen Ace

New 1980s Disney100 Decades ‘Rescue Rangers,’ ‘Oliver & Company,’ and Roger Rabbit Merchandise at Disneyland Resort

The 1980s Disney100 Decades collection has arrived at Disneyland Resort. We found the “Rescue Rangers” ear headband and Loungefly mini backpack, “Oliver & Company” plush, and Roger Rabbit pin. The “Rescue Rangers” and “Oliver & Company” items were in Fortuosity Shop, while the Roger Rabbit pin was in the Emporium. We also saw the ear headband in The Mad Hatter.

The collection should also include a MagicBand, which we’ll share as soon as we find it.

“Rescue Rangers” Ear Headband – $39.99

1980s decades dl merch 6459

The ear headband is black, with the double R Rescue Rangers logo embroidered on the left ear. Chip poses next to the ear in his fedora and bomber jacket.

The right ear is made out of a magnifying glass, with Dale looking through it.

1980s decades dl merch 6460

Gadget Hackwrench and Zipper are on the back of the pleather ear.

1980s decades dl merch 6461

A Disney100 Decades plaque is sewn onto the side of the headband. The lining is brown velour.

“Rescue Rangers” Loungefly Mini Backpack – $88

1980s decades dl merch 3473

The Loungefly mini backpack resembles the Ranger Plane, with the Rescue Ranger logo on the front where the propellers would be.

1980s decades dl merch 3474

Above the front pocket is Chip, Dale, Gadget, Zipper, and Monterey Jack.

1980s decades dl merch 3480
1980s decades dl merch 3481

Above the characters is a large red circle — the front of the plane’s balloon.

1980s decades dl merch 3479

The plane’s red plunger landing gear sticks out from below the front pocket.

1980s decades dl merch 3475

Yellow wings stick out of the sides of the bags. The Rescue Rangers logo is featured again on the side pockets.

1980s decades dl merch 3476

The yellow tail is printed on the back. The straps are light sky blue. A pleather Disney100 Decades tag is below the handle.

1980s decades dl merch 3477

The top of the bag is red like the balloon.

1980s decades dl merch 3478

The interior lining resembles a blue sky with white clouds and the Rescue Rangers logo.

Oliver and Dodger Plush – $44.99

1980s decades dl merch 3486

Plush of Oliver and Dodger from “Oliver & Company” come in this Disney100 Decades dust bag.

1980s decades dl merch 3483

Oliver is an orange and white cat with a blue collar.

1980s decades dl merch 3484

Dodger is a brown and white dog with a red bandanna.

1980s decades dl merch 3485

Roger Rabbit Pin – $34.99

1980s decades dl merch 6468 1

The Roger Rabbit pin depicts Roger busting through a red brick wall, with puffs of white around the flying bricks.

Disney100 Decades Collection So Far

The Disney100 Decades Collection is making its way from Disney’s beginnings in the 1920s all the way to the 2010s. New merchandise for the line is released on the third Monday of each month.

The first of the Disney100 Decades Collections was the 1920s series inspired by “Steamboat Willie.”

The 1930s Disney100 Decades Collection featured merch inspired by “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” “The Band Concert,” the Three Little Pigs, and Clarabelle Cow and Horace Horsecollar.

The 1940s collection was inspired by “Pinocchio,” “Fantasia,” “Dumbo,” and Scrooge McDuck.

The 1950s collection focused on Goofy, “Alice in Wonderland,” “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea,” and of course, “Cinderella.”

The 1960s collection included “The Jungle Book,” “101 Dalmatians,” and “The Sword in the Stone” merch.

The 1970s collection had items featuring The Muppets, “The Aristocats,” “The Rescuers,” “Robin Hood,” and “Pete’s Dragon.”

Upcoming Disney100 Decades Collection

disney100 1990s first look

The 1990s collection will include “A Goofy Movie” Loungefly mini backpack, as well as items inspired by “Darkwing Duck” and “Beauty and the Beast.”

2000s collection

Bolt and Princess Tiana from “The Princess and the Frog” will be featured for the 2000s line.

2010s collection

The last Disney100 Decades collection line will cover the 2010s. The preview image features “Frozen” and “Toy Story 4.”

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