Magic: The Gathering Announces Upcoming Collaboration with Marvel

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Magic: The Gathering Announces Upcoming Collaboration with Marvel

Wizards of the Coast has announced an upcoming collaboration with Marvel that will see the brand’s iconic superheroes and villains included in the popular Magic: The Gathering tabletop game.

Magic: The Gathering Announces Upcoming Collaboration with Marvel

The collaboration was announced via a short video uploaded to the official Magic: The Gathering YouTube channel on October 23. The collaboration will be part of the trading card game’s “Universes Beyond” series, a line that introduces several intellectual properties not typically associated with “Magic” into the game. Wizards of the Coast described the collaboration on its official website with the following blurb:

Titans of entertainment found in stores worldwide, Magic: The Gathering—one of the world’s most popular trading card games—and Marvel—one of the world’s most prominent character-based entertainment companies—are collaborating to share fan-favorite Super Heroes, villains, and more through amazing tabletop gameplay.

Wizards of the Coast

An official release date has not been confirmed at this time. It’s simply listed as “coming soon” on the Wizards of the Coast website.

The trailer features a child wielding Captain America’s shield, presumably confirming that Captain America will be among the several “fan-favorite Super Heroes [and] villains” included in the collaboration. The short clip also features the protagonist reading an X-Men comic and hoisting Mjolnir, the formal name of Thor’s hammer. A Venom action figure is also briefly visible.

Magic: The Gathering is a popular collectible trading card game that, according to Wizards of the Coast, has more than 50 million fans across more than 150 countries. The game allows players to construct different decks of cards and deploy them against other players, either in person or, in more recent years, via web and mobile applications.

Marvel is arguably one of the most beloved intellectual properties in contemporary media, with its “Marvel Cinematic Universe” series of films grossing billions of dollars at the worldwide box office over the past decade-plus. The Walt Disney Company acquired Marvel Entertainment in 2009, with the latter company since becoming one of the former’s entertainment pillars. Marvel films are consistently among The Walt Disney Company’s top box office earners, Marvel-branded content is frequently produced for the Disney+ streaming service, and Marvel characters have been introduced into themed attractions and lands at several of Disney’s global parks.

Magic Marvel Featured
Source: Wizards of the Coast

The upcoming collaboration between Magic: The Gathering and Marvel is a welcomed surprise, especially considering Marvel’s past foray into the digital collectible card game sphere in the form of “Marvel Snap.” Released in 2022, the game was introduced as a competitor, of sorts, for Magic: The Gathering Arena and Hearthstone (developed by Blizzard Entertainment), two popular digital collectible card games.

Though speculation at this point, the Magic: The Gathering and Marvel collaboration could also potentially muddy the water for the latter brand’s ultimate introduction into Disney: Lorcana, a Disney-centric trading card game developed by Ravensburger that was released earlier this year.

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