Disney Surveying Guests About Disney Jollywood Nights Experience, Including Questions About ‘Ollie’ Character and Rise of the Resistance Virtual Queue

Shannen Ace

Disney Surveying Guests About Disney Jollywood Nights Experience, Including Questions About ‘Ollie’ Character and Rise of the Resistance Virtual Queue

Shannen Ace

Disney Surveying Guests About Disney Jollywood Nights Experience, Including Questions About ‘Ollie’ Character and Rise of the Resistance Virtual Queue

Disney is contacting some guests who attended the first Disney Jollywood Nights event at Disney’s Hollywood Studios on November 11 with a survey about their experience.

The survey asks about the event’s exclusive offerings, as well as rides — specifically Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance — and the event’s mascot, Ollie. A friend of WDWNT shared screenshots of the survey with us.

Disney Jollywood Nights Survey

jollywood nights survey 2913

The survey began with general questions about Disney Jollywood Nights like, “Which statement below best describes your primary reason for visiting Disney Jollywood Nights?” The options for this question were:

  • I visited because of the theme of the party, including unique entertainment
  • I visited because I wanted to attend a special event at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, regardless of theme
  • I visited because special events are less crowded than a regular day in the parks and it’s easier for me to see and do everything I want to
jollywood nights survey 2914

The survey then asked if you bought your ticket at a discount, with one option being “Not applicable – ticket was complimentary.” Annual Passholders and eligible Disney Vacation Club members get a discount on Disney Jollywood Nights tickets.

jollywood nights survey 2915

The survey also asked how you learned about Disney Jollywood Nights, with several options available and the ability to select multiple answers.

jollywood nights survey 2917

The survey asked, “How would you rate your overall experience at Disney Jollywood Nights? Would you say it was…”

  • Excellent
  • Very Good
  • Good
  • Just Okay
  • Poor
jollywood nights survey 2918

Most of the questions were multiple choice, but some allowed guests to write a response with a maximum of 500 words. Two questions asked what specific aspects had a positive or negative impact on your overall experience.

jollywood nights survey 2919

The survey asked about the likelihood you would attend Disney Jollywood Nights again in a few different ways. One question was “If you had your day to do over again, how likely would you be to purchase this Disney Jollywood Nights offering?” and another asked, “If Disney Jollywood Nights were to be offered in the future, what is the likelihood that you will return to Disney Jollywood Nights again?”

jollywood nights survey 2920
jollywood nights survey 2921

The survey asked about ticket value, with another “ticket was complimentary” option.

jollywood nights survey 2925

It also asked about your experience with Cast Members, what time you arrived at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and what time you left, to rate the park arrival experience and departure experience, if you arrived early to see “Fantasmic!”, and how much a role Disney Jollywood Nights played in when you decided to visit Walt Disney World.

Disney Jollywood Nights Entertainment

jollywood nights survey 2926

Moving on to more Disney Jollywood Nights specifics, this question listed the exclusive entertainment offerings, asking which you experienced during the event.

The listed exclusive offerings in this section of the survey were:

jollywood nights survey 2928

The survey then asked to rate each individual offering from “Excellent” to “Poor.” These questions also included overall event decorations.

jollywood nights survey 2929
jollywood nights survey 2930
jollywood nights survey 2931
jollywood nights survey 2932

After rating the offerings, another round of questions asked how they compared to expectations, on this scale:

  • Much better than expected
  • Somewhat better than expected
  • About the same as expected
  • Somewhat worse than expected
  • Much worse than expected
jollywood nights survey 2933
jollywood nights survey 2934
jollywood nights survey 2935
jollywood nights survey 2936

Depending on how you answer questions, you may be asked follow-ups, like why you said something exceeded or fell short of expectations.

jollywood nights survey 2938
jollywood nights survey 2939

The survey then asked which offerings “contributed most to your excitement and interest in attending?” Survey takers could pick as many options as they wanted.

Attractions & Other Offerings

jollywood nights survey 2941

The survey then asked about other offerings and elements of Disney’s Hollywood Studios that were not necessarily themed or exclusive to the event, including rides and attractions, operating hours, park cleanliness, food and beverage, and characters.

jollywood nights survey 2942

For these questions, guests could choose an option on a scale of “Excellent” to “Poor,” or choose “Don’t Know / Not Applicable.”

jollywood nights survey 2943
jollywood nights survey 2944 1

This section also asked about the availability of Disney PhotoPass photographers and special PhotoPass experiences.

jollywood nights survey 2945

Guests who attended the first night of Disney Jollywood Nights (and potentially future nights) received a complimentary set of coasters featuring the event logo. The survey asked about the quality of the coasters.

jollywood nights survey 2946

It asked about the number of merchandise locations, the selection of holiday merchandise, and its availability. Note that these questions don’t specifically mention Disney Jollywood Nights merchandise, which is asked about later in the survey.

jollywood nights survey 2948

Guests could then choose which Disney’s Hollywood Studios attractions they experienced during their visit.

jollywood nights survey 2949

Character Meet & Greets

jollywood nights survey 2950

The survey then included more specific questions about character meet and greets, including how many meet and greets you experienced during the event. The options were from 1-5, 6 or more, or “I didn’t have any Disney character meet & greets/interactions.”

jollywood nights survey 2951

If you didn’t experience any meet and greets, these options were available for the question “How would you describe the number of character greetings you experienced?”

  • I didn’t experience any character greetings and was not looking to experience any
  • I didn’t experience any character greetings, but was looking for opportunities to do so
jollywood nights survey 2952

Survey takers were asked to rate the wait times for character greetings.


jollywood nights survey 2953

The only piece of Disney Jollywood Nights-exclusive merchandise was a T-shirt. The survey asked about shopping for Jollywood Nights-specific merch, holiday merch, and other general merch, with the following options for each:

  • I shopped for, but didn’t purchase
  • I shopped for and purchased
  • I didn’t shop for
jollywood nights survey 2954

The survey asked guests, “Which of the following items commemorating Disney Jollywood Nights would you have been interested in purchasing, had they been available?”

  • Clothing accessories
  • Seasonal merchandise
  • Member merchandise
  • Household items
  • Outerwear
  • Basic clothing apparel
  • Miscellaneous Disney merchandise

Survey takers could select as many of the above options as they wanted, as well as write in an answer, or select “None of the above.”

jollywood nights survey 2955

It asked how important purchasing a commemorative Disney Jollywood Nights item is.

Food & Beverage

jollywood nights survey 2956

In regards to food and beverage, the survey asked about the overall value of offerings at Disney Jollywood Nights.

jollywood nights survey 2957

It then let guests choose which items they purchased from this list:

  • Food items
  • Wine
  • Beer
  • Other alcoholic beverages
  • Other non-alcoholic beverages
jollywood nights survey 2958

Two write-in questions asked if there were items you particularly enjoyed or did not enjoy.

jollywood nights survey 2959

The survey asked, “Were there any specific food and beverage items you were looking for that night you were unable to find during Disney Jollywood Nights?”

jollywood nights survey 2979

There was one question about Jazzy Holidays at the Hollywood Brown Derby, specifically asking if, prior to arriving at the event, you were aware it could only be accessed via a waitlist.


ollie jollywood nights dhs

It’s time to talk about Ollie. Whether you attended Disney Jollywood Nights or not, you may be confused about who Ollie is. There is a poem about him on the back of Disney Jollywood Nights map and he’s featured on some event decorations. He’s a dapper gingerbread man depicted with a saxophone as a standee outside Hollywood Brown Derby. There was no walkaround Ollie character.

jollywood nights survey 2960

The survey asked if you recalled seeing Ollie, with a picture of him.

jollywood nights survey 2961

It then asked guests to indicate the extent to which they agree or disagree with statements about Ollie:

  • I have no interest in Ollie
  • Ollie embodies the joyful spirit of the holidays
  • Special additions like Ollie are a big part of what makes Disney Jollywood Nights a unique event
  • I assumed Ollie was featured at Disney’s Hollywood Studios throughout the holiday season, not just at the event
  • I would be interested in purchasing merchandise featuring Ollie
  • I would be interested in seeing more of Ollie at a potential future Disney Jollywood Nights event

Paper Event Map vs. Digital Event Guide

jollywood nights survey 2964

The next series of questions asked about navigating the park, asking if guests used a paper event map or digital event guide in My Disney Experience.

jollywood nights survey 2965
jollywood nights survey 2966
jollywood nights survey 2967

A write-in question asked, “What information did you have challenges finding while using the digital event guide (in the My Disney Experience app) during your visit to Disney Jollywood Nights?”

jollywood nights survey 2968

Negative Impacts

jollywood nights survey 2969

The survey asked about the park’s atmosphere and congestion/crowding.

jollywood nights survey 2970

It asked if guests got to do everything they wanted, if lines had a negative impact on their experience, and if the event was a “relatively hassle-free/carefree experience.”

jollywood nights survey 2971

It rained in the last hour or so of the first Disney Jollywood Nights event (after a cloudy and drizzly day), and Disney asked in the survey if the weather had a negative impact.

jollywood nights survey 2972

Disney also asked if the lack of complimentary food and beverages (which Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party offers) and if the lack of event-exclusive merchandise had a negative impact on the experience.

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

jollywood nights survey 2974

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance is one of the attractions open during Disney Jollywood Nights, but it’s the only one utilizing a virtual queue for the event. The survey asked, “Which of these statements describes your motivation for visiting Disney Jollywood Nights at Disney’s Hollywood Studios?”

  • The opportunity to experience Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance was the primary factor for deciding to attend this event
  • The opportunity to experience Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance was one of multiple factors for deciding to attend this event
  • Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance was not a primary factor in deciding to attend this event
jollywood nights survey 2975

The survey then asked if you rode Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance and about the virtual queue system.

jollywood nights survey 2976

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance was down for part of the four-hour event. Boarding passes that expired during the downtime were changed so they were valid for the rest of the night.

jollywood nights survey 2978

The last question about Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance asked if guests would prefer using a standby queue or virtual queue during Disney Jollywood Nights.

Other Walt Disney World Holiday Events

jollywood nights survey 2980

The survey moved on to compare Disney Jollywood Nights to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party and Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, asking guests if they had attended either event before and what year they attended.

jollywood nights survey 2981
jollywood nights survey 2982

Guests who attended Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party were asked if their experience at Disney Jollywood Nights was “Much better,” “Somewhat better,” “About the same,” “Somewhat worse,” or “Much worse.”

jollywood nights survey 2983

There was a write-in option about the comparison between the holiday events.

Decision to Attend

jollywood nights survey 2984

The survey then dived deeper into the guest’s decision to attend Disney Jollywood Nights, asking when they first became aware of it, when they decided to attend, and when they purchased a ticket.

jollywood nights survey 2986

The options for these questions were:

  • After arriving at Disney’s Hollywood Studios
  • The day of the trip to the Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but before arriving there
  • A few days before
  • About a week before
  • A few weeks before
  • A month or more before
jollywood nights survey 2987

The first Disney Jollywood Nights event sold out in August, but tickets remain available for other dates.

jollywood nights survey 2988

The survey then asked if the guest was already planning on visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios or any Walt Disney World theme park on November 11, if they did visit another park that day, and if they would have visited another park had they not gone to Disney Jollywood Nights.

jollywood nights survey 2989
jollywood nights survey 2990
jollywood nights survey 2991
jollywood nights survey 2992
jollywood nights survey 2993
jollywood nights survey 2994

The survey asked about the rest of your Walt Disney World vacation, like if you visited other parks on other days, and what kind of ticket you used or would have used.

jollywood nights survey 2995
jollywood nights survey 2996
jollywood nights survey 2997
jollywood nights survey 2998
jollywood nights survey 2999

Did you attend Disney Jollywood Nights? Tell us your survey answers in the comments.

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