PHOTOS: New Pixar Place Hotel Signs and Concept Art Installed at Disneyland Resort

Shannen Ace

PHOTOS: New Pixar Place Hotel Signs and Concept Art Installed at Disneyland Resort

Less than a week before its official opening on January 30, new Pixar Place Hotel signs, artwork, and more elements have been installed at the reimagined Disneyland Resort hotel.

Pixar Place Hotel Sign

DLR pixar place hotel signs 7405

The first sign we spotted is high up on the side of the building. It’s simple, with “Pixar Place Hotel” in black on a white background. “Pixar” is in the studio’s standard typeface.

DLR pixar place hotel signs 7406

A dip and some wiring at the top of the sign implies another piece will be installed. Luxo Jr., the iconic Pixar lamp, has been heavily featured in the resort’s branding, so might be part of the missing piece. Another sign featuring Luxo Jr. was previously installed on the ground next to the hotel’s walkway.

Pixar Place Hotel Parking Structure

DLR pixar place hotel signs 7412

Speaking of Luxo Jr., he’s now featured on the side of the hotel’s parking garage. Luxo Jr. is in sketch form pictured bouncing on the star ball above “Pixar Place Hotel.”

DLR pixar place hotel signs 7413

Rather than being immersive like the Toy Story Hotel at Tokyo Disney Resort, Pixar Place Hotel is inspired by the art of Pixar. The interior displays early character sketches and pop-art character mobiles.

Pixar Place Hotel Entrance Archway

DLR pixar place hotel archway sign 7414

The blocky entrance archway first installed last year has some extra theming. Crews were working on it when we approached. Last we looked at the archway, it just had blank white, gray, red, yellow, and blue blocks.

DLR pixar place hotel archway sign 7416

Now some of the blocks feature Pixar characters. A red block on the left has Melin Lee from “Turning Red” in red panda form. Below that is a yellow block featuring WALL-E and a white block featuring EVE. To the right is a blue block featuring the soul forms of Joel Gardner and 22 from “Soul.”

DLR pixar place hotel archway sign 7417

On the top right of the archway is a new piece featuring Luxo Jr. on the star ball. The piece has sketchy lines but is filled in with color and shading.

Pixar Place Hotel Lobby

DLR pixar place hotel artwork 7426

When we entered the hotel lobby, crews were in the process of installing framed pieces of concept art on the white walls. This first piece is early artwork for “Monsters, Inc.” featuring a large blue monster and a little girl — precursors to Sulley and Boo as we know them — eating together at a table in a messy home.

DLR pixar place hotel artwork 7427

Another piece features WALL-E and EVE on the desecrated planet Earth. They’re next to a giant brown piece of machinery and a ladder.

DLR pixar place hotel artwork 7429

Some familiar “Up” artwork was staged for installation. It depicts Carl’s house on the cliffside as seen at the end of the film.

DLR pixar place hotel artwork 7430

Also prepared for installation were these pieces for “The Incredibles” and “Inside Out.” The sepia-toned “Incredibles” piece features the silhouettes of Elastigirl, Violet, and Dash on a rock looking up at Syndrome’s headquarters. The “Inside Out” artwork is a wide look at the memory banks of Riley’s mind.

DLR pixar place hotel artwork 7439

This artwork is for “Onward,” Pixar’s 2020 fantasy film. It features brothers Ian and Barley Lightfoot looking into a tunnel. Ian holds a tall glowing staff.

DLR pixar place hotel artwork 7431

Several new “Elemental” artwork has also been installed. The latest Pixar film was released last year, after work had already begun on Pixar Place Hotel. The above piece features Wade Ripple holding flowers.

DLR pixar place hotel artwork 7432

This piece features Ember with her delivery bike and Clod. These two pieces look similar to the final movie so must have been created later on in production.

DLR pixar place hotel artwork 7435

This larger piece depicts Ember and Wade watching a sunset together.

DLR pixar place hotel artwork 7436

The last new piece sees the “Elemental” couple walking through an Element City street with water flowing next to them and other fire people around them.

DLR pixar place hotel lobby curtains 7434

Also in the lobby were these white curtains, presumably hiding work on the giant Luxo Jr. and ball statue concept art teased.

Pixar Place Hotel is a reimagining of Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel. The hotel originally opened in 1984 as the Emerald of Anaheim, operated by the Tokyu Group. Disney acquired the hotel in 1995 and renamed it Disneyland Pacific Hotel. With the opening of Disney California Adventure in 2001, they renamed it after one of the park’s new lands, Paradise Pier. The land became Pixar Pier in 2018.

Check out the first look inside a Pixar Place Hotel room.

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