PHOTOS: The Sketch Pad Cafe Now Open at Pixar Place Hotel in Disneyland Resort

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PHOTOS: The Sketch Pad Cafe Now Open at Pixar Place Hotel in Disneyland Resort

The Sketch Pad Cafe is a new breakfast venue at Disneyland Resort, inside Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel. The hotel will officially become Pixar Place Hotel on January 30 but has been going through its Pixar transformation for over a year as it remains open.

The Sketch Pad Cafe

The entrance to The Sketch Pad Cafe at Pixar Place Hotel.

Pixar Place Hotel is inspired by the artwork of Pixar films. As such, the cafe is named “The Sketch Pad” after the artist tool and is decorated with Pixar concept art. We cataloged these concept art decorations last summer when they were first installed.

The overhead sign for The Sketch Pad Cafe at Pixar Place Hotel.

The Sketch Pad Cafe sign is black iron with some colorful panels creating a coffee mug and the Pixar ball. The sign was installed in early December. The cafe is open from 6 a.m. to 11 a.m.

A shortened version of the menu for The Sketch Pad Cafe hangs on a wall.

A short version of The Sketch Pad Cafe menu is displayed outside the cafe in a frame of panels showing coffee mugs, musical instruments, and writing materials.

A larger beverage menu for The Sketch Pad Cafe.

The longer menu with pricing is in a black frame above the cafe counter.

Here’s the Sketch Pad Cafe beverage menu:

Espresso Bar (all options can be made decaf)

  • Espresso – $4
  • Double espresso – $6
  • Machiatto – $6
  • Espresso con panna – $6
  • Flat white – $7
  • Caffe latte – $7
  • Americano – $5
  • Mocha – $7
  • Cappuccino – $7
  • Seasonal latte – $7

Build Your Own Brew

“Pick your coffee or cold brew, choose a creamer and syrup, indulge in toppings!” A 16 oz. brew is $5 and a 20 oz. brew is $6.

  • Coffee: regular, decaf, or cold brew
  • Creamer: 1/2 & 1/2, milk, or cream
  • Extras: almond, oat, or coffee ice cubes – $1
  • Topping extras: whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles, or edible rainbow glitter – $1

Tea Time: Selection of hot teas

  • London Fog: Earl Grey, steamed milk, and vanilla syrup – $6
  • Matcha latte: served hot or cold – $6
A look at the paper menu for The Sketch Pad Cafe.

The “nourishment” food menu lists:

Hot & Run

  • Toast
  • Frittatas

Bakery Case

  • Assorted sweets
  • Breakfast pastries

Prepared Items

  • Yogurts
  • Fruit cups
  • Sandwiches
  • Grab & go boxes
  • Packaged snacks
A close-up photo of the Pizza Bagel.

Though we visited after 11 a.m., some items were still on display with price signs. These included pizza bagel ($12), avocado toast ($16), coconut chia pudding ($14), mini frittatas (veggie & egg whites, meat lovers, or cheese, $8), overnight oats ($12), fruit cup ($8), blueberry muffin ($5.50), classic croissant ($5.50), brownie ($5), chocolate croissant ($6), almond butter cookie ($5.50), and banana nut loaf ($5).

A photo of the counter for The Sketch Pad Cafe.

The cafe is accessible down a ramp or short staircase, where guests pass the concept art. The artwork is on colorful glass panels, connected by black lines with Pixar iconography like Boo’s door and an Incredibles mask. Stanchions are set up for a queue if needed.

Seating in The Sketch Pad Cafe.

The dining area has plush armchairs and velvet-covered seats around various-sized tables. The lights on the ceiling and columns are clusters of light-up orbs. A TV is mounted on one wall.

After closing at 11 a.m., guests can still lounge in the seating area.

More seating in The Sketch Pad Cafe.

A long blue bench runs along two walls, with small tables in front of it. The armchairs are red and orange.

The bright colors match the overall color scheme of Pixar Place Hotel, mostly drawn from the yellow, red, and blue Pixar ball. The iconic Pixar ball is also featured around the hotel as lights and in other imagery.

An overall view of The Sketch Pad Cafe.

Pixar Place Hotel’s signature restaurant, Great Maple, opened in November. Read our Great Maple brunch review and dinner review. Another dining option will be Small Bytes, a rooftop pool bar. The “Finding Nemo”-inspired pool area opened last August, but Small Bytes has not.

Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel first opened in 1984 as the Emerald of Anaheim operated by the Tokyu Group. Disney purchased it in 1995 and renamed it the Disneyland Pacific Hotel. With the 2001 expansion of Disneyland Resort, it was renamed Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel, after the Disney California Adventure land of the same name that opened that same year. In 2018, part of Paradise Pier in Disney California Adventure became Pixar Pier and the rest became Paradise Gardens Park.

Check out Disney’s first tour of a Pixar Place Hotel room.

Are you planning a stay at Pixar Place Hotel in Disneyland Resort? Would you check out The Sketch Pad Cafe during your stay? Let us know in the comments.

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