PHOTOS: Ceiling Repainted Around Generic Lamps on Columbia Harbour House Facade at Magic Kingdom

Shannen Ace

Columbia Harbour House exit door

PHOTOS: Ceiling Repainted Around Generic Lamps on Columbia Harbour House Facade at Magic Kingdom

Crews have cleaned up the ceiling around the generic Home Depot lamps installed on the exterior of Columbia Harbour House at Magic Kingdom earlier this month.

Columbia Harbour House Refurbishment

Columbia Harbour House construction walls, scrim, scaffolding

The refurbishment of the Columbia Harbour House facade began in September 2023 on the Magic Kingdom side of the restaurant. It has since moved to the Liberty Square side, with construction walls, scaffolding, and scrim up around the façade facing Liberty Square Market. The quick-service restaurant remains open during the refurbishment.

Columbia Harbour House outdoor staircase

The generic lights were installed around the outdoor staircase leading from the second floor of Columbia Harbour House. When the old lamps were removed (some are still at the top of the staircase), different-colored squares were left on the ceiling. The new lamps (which we did find on the Home Depot website) were placed over the squares, leaving the different shades of paint and scuff marks completely visible.

Home Depot lamp

Crews have gone back and painted around the lamps, making the ceiling in this area look a little bit nicer. The square outlines of the old lamps are still visible, as are some marks, but not as rough-looking as they were last week.

Columbia Harbour House ceiling lamps

The new paint also doesn’t seem to be the exact same shade as the ceiling, but it may also still be drying.

Columbia Harbour House exterior corner

In this corner, we noticed some damage on the windowsill.

Damaged windowsill and wall

There’s also a crack running through the paint on the nearby wall and the whole area could use a cleaning.

Columbia Harbour House exit door

The ceiling has also been fixed around the lamp in this alcove around the corner. There was previously a clear hexagon shape cut into the ceiling around the circular lamp.

Columbia Harbour House entrance scrim, scaffolding, walls

As we reported in our last construction update, there are now construction walls right next to the main entrance of Columbia Harbour House. The scaffolding and scrim now reach the top of the building in this area.

Scrim on Columbia Harbour House bridge

There is also still scrim on the Fantasyland side of the bridge, which houses some of the restaurant’s second-floor seating.

So far, the Columbia Harbour House refurbishment hasn’t included any major changes to the restaurant’s exterior, except for the lights. The project has mostly included repainting and repairing the facades.

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