Disney CEO Bob Iger Urges Shareholders to Vote for Disney Board Nominees

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Disney CEO Bob Iger Urges Shareholders to Vote for Disney Board Nominees

In a new video on VoteDisney.com, The Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger urges shareholders to vote for Disney’s Board of Director nominees, not the nominees from Trian Group and Blackwells Capital.

Bob Iger Appears in New Video for VoteDisney

Bob Iger appearing in VoteDisney video

“It has been a busy and challenging time since I returned to the company,” Iger said in the video, but we’ve made significant progress, and I’m enormously optimistic about our future.”

Iger also noted that Disney has “created a much more efficient and highly effective company structure” since his return. He called the current Board of Directors, who are all nominated, “experienced” and “highly motivated” leaders.

Iger says that he and the Board are hoping to “return to a place where we’re consistently delivering shareholder value and we’ve already taken steps in that direction by declaring a second higher dividend and by initiating a $3 billion stock buyback program.”

He calls the activist investors “major distractions” and “exactly what we don’t need.”

You have the power to make sure we are able to continue our momentum from the past year and ensure the success of The Walt Disney Company as the world’s leading and most beloved entertainment company.

Bob Iger

Iger lays out some of Disney’s goals, including improving the quality of their films, transitioning ESPN into a pre-eminent sports platform, and turning streaming into a significant growth business.

Disney previously released a video of the animated character Professor Ludwig Von Drake explaining to shareholders how to vote using their white proxy card.

Blackwells Capital has nominated former Warner Bros. and NBCUniversal executive Jessica Schell, Tribeca Film Festival co-founder Craig Hatkoff, and TaskRabbit founder Leah Solivan. They have suggested splitting Disney into three different companies.

Trian Group has nominated their CEO Nelson Peltz and former Disney CFO Jay Rasulo.

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  1. March 8, 2021 Disney hit a high note that day with stock at $201.91 at closing- February 7 it closed at $99.05.
    Chapek ran the stock into the ground, and got fired, Iger came back and never fixed any of Chapeks mis-steps that caused the stock drop. Now Iger doesn’t want to acknowledge the screw ups?
    Certainly time to bring in new board members at the minimum….

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