Disney Files Patent for New Ticket & Admissions System to Counter Fake Theme Park Tickets

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Disney Files Patent for New Ticket & Admissions System to Counter Fake Theme Park Tickets

The Walt Disney Company subsidiary Disney Enterprises Inc. filed a patent for a new ticketing and admissions system.

Disney Patents New Ticket and Admissions System

Disney files patent for new ticket and admissions system

The patent, filed last June and published this month, is called “Systems and Methods to Produce a Physical Article that Provides Admission Authorization to an Event Which Correlates to a Digital Asset from a Temporary Wallet.” The patent describes a system of connected physical and digital tickets. Read the abstract below.

Systems and methods to produce a physical article that provides admission authorization to an event and correlated digital asset from a temporary wallet are disclosed. Exemplary implementations may: establish one or more temporary wallets; effectuate a smart contract that causes the temporary wallets to hold digital assets, where individual digital assets are correlated with event information; generate one or more wallet machine-readable mediums that repre-sent the temporary wallets; generate one or more asset machine-readable mediums that represent the digital assets; cause an output device to output the wallet machine-read-able mediums and the wallet machine-readable mediums on physical articles that provide admission authorizations events or locations; upon user devices scanning the wallet machine-readable mediums, the users may be enabled to establish digital wallets or access digital wallets such that the digital asset is transferred from the temporary wallets to the digital wallets.

The system would help prevent counterfeit tickets with terms of the transaction written into the digital code and the data protected. While the ticket is described as primarily digital, a physical printed copy would also be available.

The background section of the permit states that the existing admission system “may provide admission authorizations to events or locations” but “may not enable users who obtain the admission authorizations to obtain digital assets that are associated with the events or locations, which may be collectible assets.”

Disney did not comment on the patent application to Orlando Inno, or share a timeline for when this technology could be implemented.

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