PHOTOS: Scrim Comes Down from Around Jupiter at Mission: SPACE, Revealing Vibrant Repaint

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PHOTOS: Scrim Comes Down from Around Jupiter at Mission: SPACE, Revealing Vibrant Repaint

Refurbishment on the exterior of Mission: SPACE at EPCOT continues, as scrim has come down from around the planet Jupiter just in front of the ride’s entrance.

Scrim Removed from Jupiter

A wide shot of the entrance to Mission: SPACE.

For now, the large attraction sign for Mission: SPACE is still missing from the planter just outside Planetary Plaza. It was first removed in mid-January, per our most recent update.

A medium shot of the entrance to Mission: SPACE.

We also first spotted scrim around the planet Jupiter in mid-January.

A medium shot of Mars, fully repainted.

Following its refurbishment, Jupiter looks much more vibrant with refreshed shades of orange, burgundy, yellow, and tan.

A closer look at Mars, with paint drip marks on the top.

While the sun highlights the texture of the planet, we also spotted some faint paint drip lines along the top, pointed more toward the inside of Planetary Plaza.

A medium shot of Mars.

The planet is surrounded by a circle of spotlights on the ground, which were lit up when we visited the park.

Stanchions surrounding a planetary mosaic.

Just off to the right of the planet, a small section of the ground was stanchioned off to keep guests from stepping on or around it.

Close-up of the planetary mosaic.

Upon closer inspection, it is another of the various mosaics found that have been added over time to Planetary Plaza. It’s likely that this is a new addition and needs time to set before being walked upon.

Closer look at the damage on Jupiter.

The giant Mars, however, has seen better days. Though not showing any new signs of wear beyond our previously observed gray exposed material and dirt in the grooves, it’s hopefully just a matter of time before this planet gets the TLC it needs.

The Mission: SPACE entrance area, with Earth still missing.

At this time, Earth is still missing from the entrance area of Mission: SPACE. It was removed in August 2023 and has yet to return.

Mission: SPACE

Exterior of Mission: SPACE

Mission: SPACE is a motion simulator attraction located in the World Discovery neighborhood of EPCOT. It opened in August 2003 and was loosely themed around “Mission to Mars,” a 2000 film inspired by the former Disney attraction of the same name. Gary Sinise starred in the film and also appeared in the ride’s video segments before being removed in 2017; actress Gina Torres became the new Capcom when the two enhanced versions of the ride debuted.

The ride offers two experiences: Orange Mission, where riders travel to Mars; or Green Mission, where they take a family-friendly orbit around Earth. The Green Mission was introduced with the update in 2017.

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