PHOTOS: Construction Continues Inside Cake Bake Shop, Lightbulbs Added to Blue Ribbon Corn Dog Lamps

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steel frame of restaurant entrance

PHOTOS: Construction Continues Inside Cake Bake Shop, Lightbulbs Added to Blue Ribbon Corn Dog Lamps

There hasn’t been much visible construction progress on The Cake Bake Shop by Gwendolyn Rogers and the Blue Ribbon Corn Dog stand at Disney’s BoardWalk since our last update, but crew members are hard at work inside the new venues.

The Cake Bake Shop by Gwendolyn Rogers

The Cake Bake Shop by Gwendolyn Rogers construction

The Cake Bake Shop is taking over the former ESPN Club building at the end of the BoardWalk. Many of the exterior walls were demolished and reconstructed with more windows. Currently, most of the building is covered in purple weather-proof sheathing.

Cake Bake Shop bakery entrance construction

More roofing has been installed in recent weeks. The first tier of the tower’s roof is covered in decking and white sheathing. Behind construction walls, we can see the white frames of windows at the bakery entrance.

steel frame with sheathing of bakery entrance

The Cake Bake Shop will include a quick-service bakery and a table-service restaurant. The bakery entrance is the old main entrance to ESPN Club. A section of the bakery façade has no sheathing yet, likely because it will be a marquee with lights and signage.

steel frame of restaurant entrance

Guests will enter the table-service restaurant through what is currently just a steel framework but will eventually be a white, square entrance archway. A construction vehicle was parked by the entrance. We could hear crew members working behind the construction walls, screwing something in with power tools.

windows on building

There are pairs of windows on every wall of the tower. There are also windows on the dormers of the roof.

windows on side wall

Larger windows are on the walls of the first floor but we haven’t seen doors installed yet.

Blue Ribbon Corn Dog

Blue Ribbon Corn Dog stand behind planters

Rolling planters surround the future Blue Ribbon Corn Dog stand. This used to be a funnel cake stand but Blue Ribbon announced last year that they would be moving in. There is a Blue Ribbon Corn Dog kiosk at Downtown Disney District in California.

Crew member at Blue Ribbon Corn Dog stand

The stand was repainted white with pale yellow and blue accents. The dark blue pair of doors was open during this visit and a crew member was working on a power box behind them.

front of stand

White lightbulbs line the top of the stand. Blue lamps were installed before our last update. Two frame the front of the stand and two frame the marquee.

Blue lamp with lightbulb

Large lightbulbs have since been installed in these lamps.

Blue lamp with lightbulb

The front window of the stand is currently covered with paper.

Back of stand with open doors and crew member entering

The white door on the other side of the building was also open and we saw a crew member entering.

Side of Blue Ribbon Corn Dog stand

Blue Ribbon Corn Dog and The Cake Bake Shop were originally scheduled to open in 2023 but were delayed until 2024. Blue Ribbon Corn Dog will offer some of the same menu items as the Downtown Disney District location. Disney previously teased the Mexican Street Corn Dog and Pickle Dog, plus lemonade, strawberry lemonade, and fresh spun cotton candy.

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