PHOTOS: More Windows on Cake Bake Shop, Lights on Blue Ribbon Corn Dog Stand

Shannen Ace

Lamps and light bulbs

PHOTOS: More Windows on Cake Bake Shop, Lights on Blue Ribbon Corn Dog Stand

New elements have been added to The Cake Bake Shop and the Blue Ribbon Corn Dog stand at Disney’s BoardWalk, which are both scheduled to open this year.

The Cake Bake Shop

The Cake Bake Shop construction

More windows have been installed on the exterior of The Cake Bake Shop by Gwendolyn Rogers. When we last visited, there were windows on the walls of the tower. There are now windows on all the dormers.

Windows on dormer

This level of the roof has been mostly covered in decking. The rest of the venue is almost entirely covered in purple weather-proof sheathing.

Windows on bakery entrance

The tower-shaped side will be the table-service restaurant, while this side will be the bakery. The walls around the bakery entrance have not been covered in paneling yet. It looks like doors or windows have been installed just behind the construction walls.

Black tarp on Cake Bake Shop

A black tarp covers a section of the wall between the restaurant and bakery. A ladder leads up to the roof in this area, too.

The Cake Bake Shop behind construction walls

We could hear crew members working inside the building. The framework of a marquee is up above the future restaurant entrance.

Windows on walls and dormers

On the other side of the building, past construction walls, we could see larger windows on the wall facing trees. There was also an empty doorway.

The Cake Bake Shop sheathing

The Cake Bake Shop was originally scheduled to open last year. It was ultimately delayed to 2024. In late 2023, Rogers began hiring for the shop.

Blue Ribbon Corn Dogs

Blue Ribbon Corn Dogs

The Blue Ribbon Corn Dog stand was also scheduled to open in 2023, but will instead open this year. New blue lamps have been installed over the marquee and to the sides of the window. Small popcorn-style bulbs have also been installed along the stand’s yellow molding.

Lamps and light bulbs

In our last construction update, there were just holes for all of these lights. A sign has not yet been installed on the blank white marquee.

Open door and vent

The columns and awnings of the stand are white. There are blue rectangular accents below the yellow molding.

The door on this side of the kiosk was open when we stopped by. A new ventilation system has been installed on top of the kiosk.

Blue Ribbon Corn Dogs from across water

The walls of the stand are yellow, including the back wall facing the lagoon.

Lights under awning

New circular lights have also been installed under the awning on one side of the stand.

Blue shutters

A set of doors on this side of the stand have been installed. They’re a darker blue than the rectangles above the awnings, with even darker shutters and white accents.

Blue Ribbon Corn Dogs already exists in Downtown Disney District at Disneyland Resort. The stand at Disney’s BoardWalk will serve some of the same menu items.

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