Old Lamps Return to Columbia Harbour House Façade as Scaffolding Comes Down

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Fozzie Bear quote sign

Old Lamps Return to Columbia Harbour House Façade as Scaffolding Comes Down

The Home Depot lamps are no more. Scaffolding has come down from around the Liberty Square side of Columbia Harbour House in Magic Kingdom, revealing the refreshed exterior and the return of the old lamps.

Columbia Harbour House Refurbishment

Columbia Harbour House stroller parking

This side of the quick-service restaurant was previously entirely covered in scaffolding and scrim. The doors and stairs out of the restaurant were still open during construction work.

scrims on railings

There are now scrims over the railings at the top of the stairs. Columbia Harbour House has dining rooms on two stories and guests can exit the second floor here.

Columbia Harbour House exterior wall

The wall next to the stairs was previously covered in scrim, too. It’s come down and revealed the wall with several small dots on it. We would guess it will still get another layer of fresh paint.

Columbia Harbour House ceiling light

The old lamps are back. Generic Home Depot lamps were sloppily installed on the ceiling in this area in early February. The ceiling around the lamps was later repainted to look slightly better, but the return of the old lamps is a big improvement.

Three outdoor ceiling lights

Some of the paint around the lamps still looks a little off but there are no longer visible squares where they used to be. These lights have black frames and frosted panes of glass that the three light bulbs inside shine through.

Columbia Harbour House window

The façade looks mostly the same as it did before. It just has some fresh coats of paint. We did notice a piece of fabric covering one windowsill.

Fabric on damaged windowsill

We previously noted that this sill was damaged. The wall around the window has been freshened up but the fabric indicates there is still work to be done on the sill.

Columbia Harbour House exit

The old lamp has also returned to the ceiling of this alcove outside an exit door.

hexagon light

This light is hexagonal but otherwise has a similar design to the other lamps.

white iron wheel

We previously noted the top of this iron wheel decoration was broken and rusted. Crews then covered it with a small piece of tarp.

broken post

They’ve uncovered it and simply repainted it, but it still looks like a piece was broken off and hasn’t been replaced.

Columbia Harbour House with scrim

Around the corner, dark scrim covers the upper wall around three windows. It’s cut around the windows so well, it almost blends in.

scrim over scaffolding on Columbia Harbour House

Scaffolding remains up next to the main entrance to Columbia Harbour House. The scaffolding, covered in scrim and surrounded by construction walls, reaches the top of the building.

Fozzie Bear quote sign

Signs featuring quotes have been added to the construction walls. The signs feature the logo of PPG Paints. This quote is by Fozzie Bear and the sign has a silhouette of the Muppet character.

Patriotism swells in the heart of the American bear.

Fozzie and his fellow Muppets used to be featured in Liberty Square as part of “The Muppets Present… Great Moments in American History.” The puppet show ended in fall 2019.

Walt Disney tomorrow quote

The other two construction wall signs have quotes from Walt Disney.

Tomorrow will be better for as long as America keeps alive the ideals of freedom and a better life.

Walt Disney laughter quote

Laughter is America’s most important export.

scrim on bridge

There is still scrim on the Fantasyland side of the Columbia Harbour House bridge, too.

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