A building under construction with scaffolding and a green crane in front. A fence with vibrant images blocks the site, and colorful adjacent buildings appear in the background under a clear blue sky.

Entrance Portal Trusses Installed at Epic Universe Preview Center in Universal CityWalk Orlando

Brit Tuttle

A new milestone has been reached as construction continues on the Epic Universe preview center in Universal CityWalk Orlando: New starry walls and portal-like trusses have been added to the entrance, along with new golden window decorations.

Epic Universe Preview Center

Construction site with scaffolding around a building and a green lift in use. Decorative barriers display images of past projects. Bright blue sky and other buildings in the background.

We spotted the changes while on our way into Universal Studios Florida on Wednesday, passing through CityWalk.

Construction site with a blue fence and a partially completed building featuring a large glass window and sunburst design. Scaffolding and a green construction lift are visible in the background.

The portal-esque window decorations are gray with a golden sunburst at the center, surrounded by a white border. The center of the circle is glass. These will likely be display windows, based on the lighting at the top.

A green cherry picker is used to reach the facade of a building under construction. The sky is clear and blue, with scaffolding visible on the left side. A construction fence surrounds the site.

The entrance to the preview center has had new trusses added. Based on their shape, it appears that they will eventually form a portal of their own.

Construction site with multiple levels of scaffolding and workers wearing safety gear. A green lift is positioned in front of a partially clad building facade. Blue sky in the background.

Crew members were actively working on installing more panels of the large screen that will cover the front of the building. About five new panels have been installed since our last update. Eventually, more panels will cover the metal framework.

Construction site with safety barriers displaying colorful advertisements of local businesses, adjacent to a modern building.

Another portal-like display window is present on the opposite side. The large black frame with wood slats off to the right of the building was already part of the facade.

Construction site with a "Please Pardon Our Dust" sign at an outdoor shopping and entertainment complex, featuring a colorful mural of historic-looking buildings.

Like the opposite side, the walls of the entryway are now covered in a dark, starry sky.

Construction equipment with a green boom lift in front of a building featuring large windows and decorative panels. A billboard with an illustration is partially visible at the bottom of the image.

These stars and the space sky make up the same background utilized across Epic Universe marketing and merchandise, also available for purchase in CityWalk.

A building under construction with scaffolding, additional structures, and billboards. The foreground shows a street with construction barriers adorned with promotional posters. Clear blue sky overhead.

The “interactive” Epic Universe preview center, opening sometime this year, replaces the former Universal Legacy Store, which closed in January.

Epic Universe will be the newest theme park at Universal Orlando Resort once it opens in 2025. Most recently, Universal shared details on the park’s Super Nintendo World, following the reveals of How to Train Your Dragon – Isle of Berk and Celestial Park. The other two lands left to get a deep-dive reveal are the Universal Monsters-inspired Dark Universe and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Ministry of Magic.

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