A universal studios-themed merchandise display resembling a red food cart, selling apparel and souvenirs inside a store.

Full List (With Prices) of Universal Studio Tour 60th Anniversary Merchandise

Katie Francis

Universal Studios Hollywood is celebrating the 60th anniversary of the World Famous Studio Tour, and we have a full look at all the special merchandise.

A universal studios-themed merchandise display resembling a red food cart, selling apparel and souvenirs inside a store.

The merchandise displays are even decorated to look like the retro red and white Glamor Trams.

A display shelf in a store merchandised with various themed clothing and souvenirs, including t-shirts, hats, and decorative items.

Hoodie – $60

A teal hoodie with a red and white "60" logo displayed on a retail store rack, with other clothing items and a shopper in the background.

This pullover hoodie is a teal color. It has a large front pocket and a drawstring hood.

A close-up of a teal hoodie with a red and white "universal studios hollywood 60th anniversary" logo patch on the chest.

A red circle logo on the left breast reads “Universal Studios Hollywood” around the top edge. A white “60” is in the middle and “Anniversary” is on the bottom edge.

Green hoodie with a colorful graphic of a train and "all aboard" text displayed on a rack inside a store.

A diamond-shaped design on the back features the image of a Glamor Tram.

T-shirt with a colorful graphic of a vintage bus and tropical scenery, with the text "all aboard - glamour trail tour bus.

“All Aboard for the Glamor Tram Tour” is at the bottom of the design.

Ringer Tee – $33

A white t-shirt with red trim featuring a colorful universal studios hollywood graphic, displayed in a store setting.

This shirt is white with a red neck and red sleeve hems. It has a postcard design on the chest.

Graphic t-shirt featuring "universal studios tour" design with palm trees, film reel, and shark, displayed on a mannequin.

“All aboard the… Universal Studios Tour” is in the center, set against a cloudy sky, palm trees, and Glamor Tram stripes. The “Jaws” shark is in the lower right corner. A blue logo for the 60th anniversary celebration featuring a Glamor Tram is in the lower left corner.

Socks – $18

A person holding a colorful sock featuring a tram and palm tree design, with themed merchandise in the background.

A graphic of a Glamor Tram is printed on these socks, with the 60th anniversary logo near the toes.

Raglan Tee – $37

A red and white raglan sleeve t-shirt with a colorful graphic of a van and palm trees, hanging on a rack in a store.

This shirt has a white torso and red sleeves. The same graphic from the back of the hoodie is on the chest.

A white t-shirt featuring a colorful graphic of a vintage bus and tropical scenery with the text "all aboard" printed below.

It has a tan border on this raglan instead of a white border.

Backpack – $58

A hand holding a gray universal studios tour backpack in a souvenir shop, featuring colorful graphics and logo.

The backpack is gray. The postcard design is on the front, above the front pockets.

Close-up of a gray backpack with a "studio tour 5th anniversary" sticker, displayed in a colorful retail setting.

The 60th logo is in the bottom corner.

A person holds a gray backpack featuring a "universal studios tour" design with palm trees and stripes, in a shop setting.

The handle and zipper are the same color as the bag.

A person holding a beige backpack with a price tag in a store, with a red and black striped floor and a counter in the background.

It has slip pockets on the sides and padded straps.

Button-up Shirt – $70

Colorful hawaiian shirt with various retro-inspired designs hanging in a store, displayed against a tropical foliage backdrop.

The button-up is white with short sleeves and a collar. It’s patterned all over with icons related to Universal Studios and the Studio Tour.

Close-up of fabric with colorful universal studios themed prints, including tickets and logos.

A vintage black and white Universal Films logo is featured. There’s a Universal City billboard featuring the “Jaws” shark. The Glamor Trams are pictured in various designs.

Patterned shirt featuring various colorful universal studios-themed designs and logos, with a hand adjusting the fabric.

Most of the icons use the red, blue, and teal green colorways present across the merchandise collection.

Multi-use Decal Sheet – $12

A hand holding a multi-use decal sheet with various universal studios themed stickers, commemorating its 50th anniversary.

There are 10 reusable decals on this sheet. Two feature Woody Woodpecker on different 60th anniversary logos. One is a Universal City postcard. Two feature the old Glamor Tram image, and one is just the Glamor Tram itself.

Jacket – $60

White satin bomber jacket with red and white striped cuffs and waistband, displayed on a hanger with a "studio tour" logo on the chest.

This is a shiny white bomber jacket with red and white stripes at the collar and hem.

White jacket with a "studio tour 60th anniversary" logo featuring a film clapper and reel on the chest.

The blue 60th anniversary logo is on the left breast.

White jacket with "welcome to universal studios tram tour" design featuring a red tram, displayed in a store.

“Welcome to Universal Studios Tram Tour” is embroidered in teal green lettering on the back. A Glamor Tram is printed in the center.

Ornament – $12

Hand holding a universal studios tour souvenir magnet in a store, with shelves of books in the background.

The ornament is the postcard design reading “All aboard the Universal Studios Tour,” although it’s missing the shark from the bottom corner. It’s rectangular and comes on a red ribbon.

Magnet Set – $14

A hand holding a package of two universal studios 60th anniversary themed refrigerator magnets inside a gift shop.

There are two rectangular magnets in this set. One is the postcard design with the shark. The other is striped and features Woody Woodpecker in a circle reading “60th Anniversary Glamor Tram.”

Universal City T-shirt – $23

A t-shirt displaying the text "universalicity" with graphic designs of a shark, palm trees, and a roller coaster, showcased in a store.

The shirt is white with a minimalist square design. Three palm trees grow out of green shrubbery in front of a blue mountain. “Universal City” is in white letters on red blocks near the top. The “Jaws” shark emerges from the shrubs with red on its nose. A Glamor Tram drives along the bottom of the image, dwarfed by the giant shark.

Lollipops – $14

A hand holds a package containing four universal studios themed lollipops in a gift shop.

Celebrate the tour’s anniversary with themed lollipops. One set includes four pops, each featuring a different image and flavor: cherry vanilla, watermelon, blue raspberry cream, and strawberry.

Two lollipops in a studio tour box, one with a universal studios logo and the other marked "all aboard," displayed in a gift shop.

One of the red lollipops features an old camera and “Universal Studios.” The blue raspberry cream lollipop reads “All aboard for a Glamor Tram Tour” around an image of the Glamor Tram.

A hand holding a package of "studio tour classic tours" branded lollipops in various flavors, displayed in a store with merchandise in the background.

The green watermelon lollipop features a Universal Studios design with a film reel. And the other red pop has a Glamor Tram with “Welcome to Universal Studios Tour.”

Lanyard – $15

A colorful lanyard with video game-themed patterns displayed on a white surface.

One side of the lanyard features black stripes with white dots on the edges, making it look like it’s made of film. Studio Tour icons are in the film squares against blue or pink backgrounds.

A colorful universal studios hollywood lanyard adorned with various park attractions displayed on a store shelf.

On the other side is a pattern packed with Studio Tour imagery. “Welcome to Universal Studios Hollywood” is printed against blue and teal stripes.

Pin Set – $19

A hand holding a red universal studios 40th anniversary ticket in a souvenir shop.

These three enamel pins come on a red backing card featuring the 60th anniversary logo. One pin is circular with Woody Woodpecker in the center and “60th anniversary Glamor Tram” on the teal border. The second pin is shaped like a red and white Glamor Tram. The third has a film strip border and resembles a Universal City travel poster.

Tumbler – $40

A hand holding a red 60th anniversary seaworld mug featuring an animated character, in a souvenir shop.

The tumbler is matte red. It has a handle and lid. The Woody Woodpecker 60th anniversary design is on one side.

A hand holding a red universal studios hollywood travel mug in a souvenir shop.

On the other side is a white “Universal Studios Hollywood” globe logo. The 60th anniversary logo is in black near the bottom.

A hand holding a red megaphone with a retail store background featuring clothing racks.

The lid has a silicone center to push a straw through.

Button Set – $11

A hand holding a pack of four commemorative buttons for the 60th anniversary of the universal studios studio tour.

This set has four plastic buttons. One is the Woody Woodpecker design, two feature the Glamor Trams, and the fourth has “60th Anniversary” in the center. They come on a red backing card.

ID Holder – $10

A hand holding a universal studios studio tour lanyard pouch with a transparent front, featuring various california-themed graphics, in a souvenir shop.

This ID holder features a slightly translucent version of the postcard design. It has a metal lobster claw clip to attach it to a lanyard.

Logo T-shirt – $30

Red t-shirt on display featuring "universal studios tour" graphic, surrounded by other merchandise in a store setting.

This shirt is a burgundy heather read. “All aboard the… Universal Studios Tour” is on the chest.

Pink t-shirt displaying "all aboard the universal studios tour" in decorative lettering, displayed in a store.

Within the letters of “tour” are cartoon images of the Glamor Tram and studio sets.

Close-up of a red sleeve featuring a badge for universal studios hollywood's 60th anniversary, held by a hand in a store.

A bright red 60th anniversary icon is on the left sleeve.

Mug – $20

Hand holding a cartoon shark mug with text "part of umm" in a gift shop.

The stoneware mug features the “Jaws” shark with a bloody nose.

Hand holding a "universal city" souvenir mug, featuring tram image, inside a gift shop.

“Part of Universal City” is above an image of a Glamor Tram.

Hand holding a universal studios-themed mug with park map design inside a souvenir shop.

The mug curves in slightly at the center.

A hand holding a colorful poster featuring a red tram, palm trees, and retro-style buildings, commemorating universal studios tour's 60th anniversary.

This is a print of Glamor Tram artwork featured on many of the other merch items. The tram is pictured pulling past studio buildings and palm trees.

A hand holding a colorful poster commemorating the 60th anniversary of the universal studios tour, featuring vintage-style illustrations of a tram and visitors.

“All aboard the… Universal Studios Tour” is at the bottom. A 60th anniversary logo is in the bottom right corner.

Tram Car Toy – $20

A person holds a toy packaging for a universal studios tram car souvenir in a gift shop, with shelves of merchandise in the background.

This tram toy is inspired by the modern-day Studio Tour vehicles. The railings, roof, and front of the tram are silvertone. A blue stripe runs around it. “Universal Studios” is on the stripe in teal lettering.

Bucket Hat – $28

A white bucket hat with a "studio tour anniversary" logo held up in a store with blurred background of shelves and shoppers.

The bucket hat is white with the blue and white 60th anniversary logo on the front.

Jersey – $75

A blue sweatshirt with a "studio tour" logo displayed on a rack in a store.

This jersey is bright blue. A Studio Tour logo is in white silicone on the left breast.

Blue t-shirt with "studio tour" logo printed on the chest, displayed in a store setting.

This is the standard Studio Tour logo without “60th anniversary.”

A turquoise "universal studios tour" sweatshirt featuring palm trees and a tram, displayed in a store.

“Universal Studios Tour” is on the back in white lettering. A Glamor Tram is pictured driving over a white landscape with palm trees.

Chocolate Tram – $12

A hand holding a box of solid milk chocolate shaped like a bus, in a striped package labeled "universal studios studio tour.

Celebratory snacks include this 4.5 oz solid milk chocolate version of a Glamor Tram.

Saltwater Taffy – $35

A hand holding a circular red coaster with "all aboard for a glamor tram tour" printed on it, in a souvenir shop background.

Saltwater taffy comes in a tin featuring the Glamor Tram art on the lid. It reads, “All aboard for a Glamor Tram Tour.”

Hand holding a souvenir bowl with "studio tour" and a car graphic on striped background, inside a gift shop.

The sides of the circular tin are striped red and white.

Chocolates – $12

A hand holding a box of universal studios themed chocolate squares in a gift shop, with film and studio icons on the wrappers.

This set includes nine milk chocolate foiled squares. They are decorated with different Universal Studios icons.

Movie Studio T-shirt – $27

Gray "universal studios" t-shirt on display in a store with merchandise visible in the background.

This shirt is a solid gray color. “Universal Studios” is in large orange letters on the chest. “Universal City, CA” is in smaller black letters. “Movie Studio” is at the bottom in blue.

Shot Glass – $12

A hand holding a turquoise souvenir glass with "universal studios" printed on it, in a gift shop.

The shot glass is wrapped with the postcard artwork inviting guests aboard the Studio Tour.

Hand holding a souvenir glass with "universal studios" and "jurassic park" themed design in a gift shop.

Check out the Studio Tour’s 60th anniversary updates and read more about the celebration’s offerings.

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