New E.T. Adventure Signage Coming Soon to Universal Studios Florida

Annie Wilson

The E.T Adventure is currently closed for a brief refurbishment and it appears the attraction will be getting new signage at the entrance.

New E.T. Adventure Signage Coming Soon

UOR USF ET Adventure Signage Coming Soon Universal Studios Florida 8

Next to DreamWorks Land, a new entrance arch with space for signage has gone up, presumably for the E.T. Adventure. The current entrance to the attraction is not clearly visible to guests as they walk towards DreamWorks Land, so new signage facing this direction will help people locate the attraction. Trees have been planted between the pathway to the E.T. Adventure and the back of Shrek’s swamp. The addition of trees here will help naturally divide DreamWorks Land from the E.T. Adventure, since both of these areas are themed to forests.

UOR USF ET Adventure Signage Coming Soon Universal Studios Florida 4

The arch is certainly attention-grabbing and fits in with the theme for Shrek’s Swamp and E.T.’s forest. The structure is made up of posts that look like wood, with brackets to attention future signage.

UOR USF ET Adventure Signage Coming Soon Universal Studios Florida 2

A small metal pieces hangs from the bottom of the wooden sign. This could possible be for a wait time sign or an Express sign.

E.T. Adventure front entrance

The E.T. Adventure is an opening day attraction for Universal Studios Florida. The current entrance can be seen in the photo above. Next to the E.T. Adventure is the new DreamWorks Land, which will officially open on June 14. At this time, the E.T. Adventure is closed for refurbishment, but is expected to reopen May 16, possibly with a few more changes.

The attraction has received a lot of updates over the last few years. New color-changing lights were added to the attraction most recently. Take a look at our full ride through video with the updated lights below.

The sign isn’t finished yet, so be sure to stay tuned to see what it looks like when its completed! Are you excited to see the E.T. Adventure getting some new updates?

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