PHOTOS: The Cake Bake Shop Signs Installed on Future Restaurant at Disney’s BoardWalk

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Sign reading "The Cake Bake Shop" with ornate gold lettering on the facade of a building.

PHOTOS: The Cake Bake Shop Signs Installed on Future Restaurant at Disney’s BoardWalk

The Cake Bake Shop by Gwendolyn Rogers at Disney’s BoardWalk now has signage. Two signs were added to the building that once housed ESPN Club and will soon be home to a table-service restaurant and bakery.

The Cake Bake Shop Construction

A construction site with a cream-colored facade on a wooden boardwalk. A sign reading "Coming Soon" is visible, along with pictures of desserts. A person is seated in front of the building.

The signs are white rectangles with “The Cake Bake Shop” in golden lettering. “Cake Bake” is surrounded by golden filigree. There are subtle dots all over the signs, too.

Sign reading "The Cake Bake Shop" with ornate gold lettering on the facade of a building.

One sign is above the bakery entrance and another is above the table-service restaurant entrance.

A partially obscured bakery storefront under construction with a sign reading "The Cake Bake Shop." A family with a stroller walks by barriers featuring dessert images and a woman's photo.

The signs are almost identical in design. The final paneling around the signs has not yet been installed.

A construction site with a sign that reads "The Cake Bake Shop" in ornate font, mounted on a building facade. A blue construction lift is in front of the building.

Compare these photos to the concept art for The Cake Bake Shop below. The concept art also indicates smaller signs below these will indicate which entrance is for the restaurant and which is for the bakery.

Cake Bake Shop concept art

According to the concept art, the final restaurant will be white with dark rooftops lined with lights. The Cake Bake Shop retains the basic shape of the former ESPN Club, but the façade’s walls were demolished to be rebuilt with more windows.

Construction site with beige barriers and partially completed structures under a blue sky with scattered clouds.

Before the signs were added, gray panels were installed over the walls. A thin strip of wood is along this wall of the bakery side.

A multi-story building with a partially constructed roof and unpainted sections under a blue sky with scattered clouds.

Paneling remains to be installed over the blue-purple sheathing at the corners of the tower and edges of the dormers. Paneling also needs to be installed on the small overhangs of the rooftops.

Construction site of a building in progress. Visible scaffolding and partial facade work. A temporary fence with posters of children is in the foreground. Blue sky with clouds in the background.

Crews have begun to install white pipes for gutters on the corners of the first floor. They are inside metal frameworks that will be covered in paneling to hide the gutters.

A building under construction with white and purple accents is surrounded by a fence. A nearby sign reads "The Cake Bake Shop.

The Cake Bake Shop was originally scheduled to open in 2023 but was delayed until 2024. An opening date has not been announced. Gwendolyn Rogers began hiring leadership for the location in December and other positions in March.

Blue Ribbon Corn Dogs Construction

A food stand with a sign that reads "Blue Ribbon Corn Dogs" and adjacent signs for lemonade and cotton candy under a blue sky. The stand has blue and white awnings and lights, with shrubs in the foreground.

Meanwhile, the nearby Blue Ribbon Corn Dogs kiosk is also still under construction after a delayed opening. The kiosk looks close to completion, however, with signage installed in April and awnings added earlier this month.

A "Pickup" window at a food stand with signs for lemonade, corn dogs, and cotton candy. The awning is blue and white striped, with surrounding greenery partially obscuring the view.

There’s a pickup window on one side of the stand. A PGT WinGuard sticker and pieces of tape are on the window. Construction of the exterior may be complete while crews finish up the interior.

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